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Russ Pitts | 7 Jan 2008 17:00
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Worst Disappointment (Scandal)
I have to be honest on this one, the most disappointing part about the Morgan Webb sex scandal is there hasn't been one yet. Come on, Morgan. You've been in the public eye for years now. It's time to let your hair down and get caught in flagrante delicto in the back room of some night club with the husband of someone important. Or have a sex tape stolen. Or something, anything. Get cracking.

Aside from that non-scandal, the most disappointing scandal of 2007 was Gerstmangate.

Long story short, Jeff Gerstman reviewed Kane & Lynch and was apparently as disappointed in the game as I was. Unfortunately the publishing company, Eidos, had bought a crap ton of advertising at Gamespot, where he posted the review. Eidos gets on the phone and reams out Jeff's boss, the reaming rolls downhill to Jeff, Jeff loses his job and hilarity ensues.

Unfortunately, aside from third-hand reporting and a few off-the-record tears spilled in after hours beers, there's nothing really to report here. We suspect Eidos was unhappy about the review, and that they asked someone at Gamespot to change it. But was Jeff asked to do so? Was the advertising sold with the understanding there'd be a positive review of the game being advertised? And was Jeff actually fired because he wouldn't play ball?

Nobody's talking. We can assume, but unless someone involved grows a pair and remembers that we're dealing with videogames here and not matters of national security we'll never know for sure, and that's a damn shame.

Worst Dressed
No fluff piece would be worth reading without this salacious category, and I thought it was the perfect way to cap off my wrap-up of the past year. Unfortunately most of the people/things I'm qualified to judge all have ridiculously stupid fashion sense.

Game developers? Take a T-shirt, add ripped jeans, throw a suit coat over the top and call it good. Well, not "good" like, "would pass in the real world" good, but for developers working the after hours events at E3, this is the uniform de rigour. The same goes for journalists, just subtract a few hundred dollars from the retail price of the ensemble. This usually comes out of the shoe budget. And considering the fact I own several outfits just like this, I'm not calling foul just yet. Not until my tailored suits come back from the cleaners.

So that leaves game characters. And for some reason I just feel silly commenting on the physical appearance of rendered facsimiles. But it's Monday, I have a deadline and I'm committed to this so here goes.

The worst dressed videogame character of 2007 was the Weighted Companion Cube. Seriously, how many pink hearts do you need?

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