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Team Humidor | 24 Jan 2008 22:33
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Sony's Reader - Joe Blancato
I love moving. I'm the guy everyone likes to have around on hot summer days when they've got 100 cardboard boxes filled to the brim and a freshly signed lease. In my white-collar world, there are few things that bring me a sense of physical completion other than picking up shit and moving it somewhere else. Whether it's a sectional couch, a 36-inch CRT TV or a seized engine block, I love to relocate it.

But the last time I myself moved, I threw about half my burgeoning book collection into one of those waterproof-ish plastic bins you can buy at Target. Dimensions: 40"x24"x24"; weight: a gazillion pounds. I managed to wrestle the goddamn thing up a flight of stairs and into the truck, but for the first time ever I thought about using hired muscle to get my stuff to Point "B." That's when I thought I might have a problem.

Enter: Sony Reader. It's sleek, with a bit of jiggering it's open and it pays for itself when I don't undergo hernia surgery in 20 years. It can hold up to 2 GB of files, grab RSS feeds, display comic books in all the popular image formats, read PDFs and other obscure formats, and even play MP3s. And thanks to electronic paper technology, it even reads like the real thing. The Reader isn't the next printing press, but it may just be the next novel, which is to say it won't change what we read, but it'll change the way we read it. How can I resist?

Other than the fact one Reader isn't nearly as cool looking as my giant library …

Now It's Time for a Binary Solo
There you have it, fellow androids. Team Humidor hopes we tugged on your technophile motherboard-strings with this most ambitious (and expensive) of lists. Before you go, enjoy some vitals:

Word count: 1,740
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Average cost: $465
Total man-hours that went into this article: 5
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