Sink The Pirates

Sean Sands | 14 Jul 2008 20:58
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This isn't a call to pirates to stop pirating. That would be pointless. That segment of the community wraps itself in the blanket of irrational justification, unearned entitlement and artificial righteousness, and there it rests, soundly believing its own lies and infecting weak-willed minds. This is a call to the general gaming public to stop vilifying the innocent and deifying the villains. Or, more specifically, to stop buying into the twisted agenda of a pirate community whose arguments clearly fail under any kind of critical and informed analysis.

I understand that the pirate agenda is alluring. I understand that they have mechanisms in place that allow for the free access to games with virtually no immediate consequence. I understand it's easy to be deceived into seeing the actions of game companies who must protect their products as greedy guys in business suits driving around in expensive German cars making phone calls to each other about how they ruined your gaming experience. But, you've got to stop kidding yourself that you're not being manipulated when you buy into such obvious nonsense. Piracy is not revolution, nor civil disobedience of any import, nor a vote for positive change in the industry, nor beneficial to the games business, nor legal, nor ethical, nor moral, nor anything but a breech of the basic contract of commerce and a selfish, stupid, callous, arrogant and malicious action.

Most importantly, stop letting them have their say. Stop entering into debates with piracy advocates, offering them space to proselytize and recruit. Stop believing that every opinion is valid, and being deceived by arguments that make it difficult to see the forest for the trees. When you see pirates telling you what great guys they are and how what they're doing isn't really illegal, immoral, destructive and completely self-serving, please let common sense dictate. They are a cancer, and while we don't have a cure for cancer, at least stop letting the cancer convince you how good it is.


Sean Sands is co-founder of the gaming website www.gamerswithjobs.com and probably shouldn't expect to be invited to the PC Gaming Pirate's Christmas party this year.

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