Crysis 3 Review - Nothing Underneath the Suit

Greg Tito | 25 Feb 2013 18:00
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The addition of the fancy Predator bow is just as flawed. In the first mission, Pyscho hands you this new magic bow somewhat unceremoniously and points out how you can fire it without breaking your cloak. One shot with a bow is generally lethal, so it's a simple matter to stand out in the open while cloaked and take out 3 or 4 enemies without their pals even knowing you're around. Arrows are scarce, but because they are so valuable you'll find yourself combing the battlefield to recover the arrows you've used to slaughter your foes. It's just not as fun to shoot guys when there's little danger involved. The bow turns this amazing looking FPS into a glorified shooting gallery.

Prophet also gets the chance to use some alien hardware against the Ceph. As is common in sci-fi shooters these days, they break down to shinier versions of a minigun and a sniper rifle, but you'll be thankful of their heavier firepower when your back's up against the wall.

The missions of Crysis 3 don't feel as open as the first game, but you still have a fair amount of choice. Coupled with a few secondary objectives, like finding a weapons cache, the campaign unfolds organically enough to give a decent feeling of player agency as you decide how best to approach the mission. Where Crysis 3's design slips up is when it tries to throw in different gameplay modes purely for the sake of variety. The portions where you get behind the wheel of a vehicle are tedious to control with a mouse and keyboard and the obligatory helicopter - sorry, VTOL - shooting sequence doesn't add anything. It'd be better if the mission design focused on the open sections to bring the nanosuit's capabilities to the forefront.

Multiplayer is cutthroat and vicious, with no forgiveness for the weak-skilled . Everyone gets a nanosuit in most modes, and you can pick your loadout from four sets before unlocking custom classes at level five. The modes range from mundane deathmatches to the more complex like the Hunter mode in which a team of invisible stalkers have to kill all the normal humans in less than two minutes. There are an impressive number of maps from locations around ruined New York City, and the metagame of leveling your profile is robust, with many achievements and goals to work towards. Just be warned: Because of the stealth ability of the nanosuit, you'll be killed a lot without ever seeing your opponent. Luckily, after you die you're treated with a short snippet of video showing you exactly how your enemy murdered you. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Bottom Line: Crysis 3 is visually stunning, and it's still fun to jump around in a nanosuit, but the new additions to the gameplay and the lackluster story don't make it very memorable.

Recommendation: Unless you really need to find out what happens to Prophet and the Ceph or you need a good new multiplayer fix, I'd wait until Crysis 3 is on sale.

This review is based on the PC version of the game.

Game: Crysis 3
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Crytek Frankfurt
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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