Guncraft Review - Guns, Cubes, and Guns Made of Cubes

Schuyler J. Dievendorf | 11 Jul 2013 18:30
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Minecraft has garnered quite the following, having sold over ten million copies on PC alone, in addition to being ported to multiple other devices, and in doing so has launched more than its fair share of clones. Many of these clones are forgettable, being basically cheap knock-offs of the original, but Guncraft is an exception.Guncraft takes the core idea of Minecraft, placing and destroying blocks in a pixelated world, and turns it on its head. Imagine Minecraft as a first person shooter where you have the ability to place blocks in the midst of a gun fight to divert attention and give yourself some cover, or, perhaps, just to be a troll.

The gameplay is much like other shooters where you pick your loadout, drop into a match and shoot your way to victory. You can create custom classes with the pre-set guns and different bonuses, like the Combat Bonus which can give you a boost to your sprinting or damage,, which will be familiar to anyone that has played Call of Duty. While in multiplayer there is the "Build" mode which you can switch to while in battle with a keystroke, this swaps your loadout so you can add or subtract from the map as you like. If there's something in your way, just destroy the component blocks to remove it. If you need some cover, just build yourself a shiny new bunker. Keep in mind that this game takes a page from the Battlefield playbook when it comes to demolition; the world is not static and can be destroyed with gunfire, explosions, or even your melee weapon. Very few games let you interact with your surroundings on this scale, which makes Guncraft stand out.

The game modes vary from the standard "Free For All" and "Team Death Match" to Guncraft's version of Zombie Mode, "Onslaught," which can be played single or multiplayer. Onslaught pits you against wave upon wave of baddies in the form of robots, from the humanoid variety to the 8-legged arachnid type. You'll have to fight off the rogue robots in order to survive, it can be quite difficult, as the blocks are just as easily destroyed by the robots as they are for you. So as they're coming right at you they're leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. It is doable in single player, which can be frustrating, but you should probably stick to multiplayer. It can be terrifying as you're running for your life, too afraid to look behind for fear that they'll be there ready to explode or shoot you.

Guncraft isn't all about the multiplayer game, they have quite a few things to keep you busy when you're flying solo. You are able to create custom maps and guns, which could take hours to put together depending on what you're crafting. The thing you'll love about these features is that they help keep you immersed in the world.

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