Yoshi's New Island Review - Not Too Eggciting

Jim Sterling | 13 Mar 2014 15:00
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One nice attempt at breaking the monotony comes in the form of gyroscope-controlled challenge stages. In these sections, sprinkled lightly throughout the adventure, Yoshi will transform into one of several vehicles, controlled by tilting the 3DS system left or right. These vehicles also come with a single one-button action, too. For instance, the hot air balloon hovers, while the submarine shoots a torpedo. These short courses offer many bonus coins, and can be quite inventive, but like many of this title's nicer ideas, there's just enough to keep one satisfied.

I can't say I am a fan of the art style much, either. While I respect the attempt to make New Island look like a brightly colored painting, complete with splotchy textures and scribbled backgrounds, the result on the small 3DS screen is messy, making characters appear more jagged and unappealing than they perhaps would on a larger, high definition television. In theory, I enjoy the style a lot, but in practice, a handheld system may be the wrong place to attempt it. The music, at least, is very pleasant to listen to, and can provide a few ear worm tunes, while Yoshi's mawkish voice effects are interminably adorable.

Yoshi's New Island is by no means a bad game. It's pleasant enough, for the most part, and children are likely to find it very enjoyable indeed. Those who wanted something closer to the spirit of the original titles are going to be disappointed by most of what this one offers up, however, as those trickier elements are offered up late in the game, with a lot of tepid platforming barring the way.

It's okay, though. It's a really okay game. Super okay.

Bottom Line: Yoshi's New Island is a solid little platformer, but it struggles to be much more than that. It will, at least, kill a few hours of time, even if that time will hardly be remembered afterwards.

Recommendation: You won't ruin your life by picking it up, nor will you if you don't.

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