Deception IV: Blood Ties Review - Boobies Trap

Jim Sterling | 26 Mar 2014 13:30
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All that said, when your best laid plans are scuppered, Deception manages to be a thoroughly disheartening time. Some traps don't reliably place enemies where the map icons claim they will. Nailing the timing of some traps (they need to be manually activated just as the enemy is in the right place) can be difficult, especially when one cannot predict if the opponent will continue to walk slowly or suddenly sprint toward Laegrinna. The game is also far too fond of knockdown attacks that make you prone to another attack while you're trying to get up, and sometimes the environment's own traps are annoyingly easy for the player to accidentally trigger.

Boss fights in particular can be a pain to deal with, as well as combinations of enemies with immunities to certain trap types. While on paper, specialized enemies lend an element of strategy to the game, in practice they just limit what you can do and enforces strict repetition. If you end up with only two or three effective traps in your repertoire, well, you'll only be using two or three traps over and over again. Boss fights come down to nailing the one trick that works, laying a single trap sequence down in each room, and then running in circles until it's over.

At its worst, Deception IV is an unbearable game of disappointment and repetitive procedure, and it's hardly surprising that it has so many critics. However, it's hard not to find all the irritation worth it when you nail that one perfect combo, something that gets easier to do when you start unlocking a wide variety of traps.

The game's narrative quirks are also humorously stupid. While the story itself is fairly banal, the fact that every single NPC, even the cannon fodder, has some sort of overly dramatic backstory is something I find thoroughly delightful, and while some may take offense at the amount of inappropriate semi-nudity, I found it more charmingly stupid than galling. The fact you can destroy an opponent's armor to reveal they're wearing a bikini underneath is just dumb, and you can at least strip males equally down to their tighty whities.

There's a ton of content to boot, provided you don't get exhausted by it all. As well as the main campaign, which I got way too tired of, there's a free mode for some fuss-free malevolence, as well as feature in which you can build your own levels and share them online. There are tons of traps to uncover, as well as some special skills for Laegrinna (such as healing or dodging in battle), and costumes. Costumes for the showcasing of boobs. Because boobs.

Bottom Line: Utterly stupid and often frustrating, Deception IV: Blood Ties is one of those games that manages to be enjoyable in spite of itself. It's a "bad" game, by most standards, but it's good in that "not good" way.

Recommendation: If you like ridiculous things and have a lot of patience, this can be quite a rewarding experience. Just be prepared to work for it.

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