Review: Fracture

Grant Weathers | 30 Oct 2008 21:00
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The Multiplayer

I'm not sure if LucasArts meant for Fracture to be a single-player game with a multiplayer component or a multiplayer game with a story mode to warm you up, but both made me want to put down the controller and doing something else.

Fracture's multiplayer plays just like any other game with the terrain deforming abilities tacked on for good measure. Every player has a super-jump-like ability that creates a hill where you take off from. Matches quickly devolve into a bunch of people hopping around, which can make you nauseous trying to train your sites on your opponents. Worse, your ability to dig people into a pit and trap them, a useful tactic from the story mode, is non-existent. Terrain deformation only comes into play as a viable tactic in a couple of Fracture's team modes.

Damage feels inconsistent - the high-powered weapons aren't that useful and melee is absolutely worthless. Simply trying to get into the games leaves something to be desired. There are only two options of quick play: "player" or "ranked." Once a game is found, it's up to the host to choose the game. If I wanted to play capture the flag six times in a row, I would start playing Halo 3 again. You can also host your own game, but good luck trying to fill the room with enough people to play. And unlike Call of Duty 4, there is also no way of telling what rank you are or how many more experience points it will take to level up. The only reason I knew there was a ranking system at all was because "Private" flashed across my screen as an achievement. I took it as a rank promotion, but it could have easily been the game telling me where I was last shot.

Bottom Line: LucasArts took a cookie cutter model of what "works," added a couple bells and whistles and changed the name. The terrain deformation is interesting but quickly becomes tedious.

Recommendation: Rent it first. Use the story mode to get used to the controls and try your hand at multiplayer. If it's not your cup of tea, you just saved yourself $50.

Grant Weathers can't understand why people wear a wool coat, winter hat, heavy pants ... and sandals.

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