Review: Clash of the Titans

Steve Butts | 12 Aug 2010 13:00
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The pace of the game is also broken up by the structure of the missions themselves. Rather than exploring an open world, Clash of the Titans has players bouncing from mission hubs to a series of small fighting arenas. You can't take on more than one mission at a time, so you'll be forced to travel back and forth through the same areas again and again (and again). By the time you've exhausted a given hub, you've explored the same handful of fighting zones at least a dozen times, fighting essentially the same roster of enemies each mundane time. The only variety is whichever boss monster happens to be occupying the last zone in the chain. During one particularly memorable mission, you'll finish off one boss only to discover that the real boss is-cue fanfare-just a bigger version of the one you just killed.

There are a few issues with the fighting system, as well. The lock-on system that helps you target and track enemies isn't intuitive and, even after you figure out how to use it, is still unreliable. There's also no real variety to the finishing moves for each monster; the way you kill a centaur is definitely cool, but when you see the Quick Time Events play out the same way again and again, it loses some of its charm. The weapon upgrades seem to add depth and progression to the game, but after a few hours, you start to realize that the upgrades are there only to justify the game's tedious collection mechanic.

The bigger problem is that the enemies and locations are so repetitive that any fun in the fighting system is drowned in a sea of monotony. The thousandth skeleton warrior you dispatch is no more interesting than the first and the endless backtracking through levels of respawning enemies makes it seem like there's no end to your trials. You might as well just run past the enemies you don't need to kill but the game uses arbitrary glowing barriers, which seem to say, "We know you'd rather get on with the story, but we think killing another 10 sandworms is more important."
The game has a few other minor issues. The dialogue isn't great, the monsters aren't inventive or particularly intelligent, and the inexplicable prevalence of Latin terms like "legion," "coliseum" and "gladiator" is sure to irritate anyone who actually cares about the game's subject matter. With other mythic action options on the market, Clash of the Titans just doesn't do enough to make it worth your time.

Recommendation: Clash of the Titans's combat and weapon system might have been acceptable if the other elements of the game were better developed. As it is, the repetitive missions and poor pacing are ultimately too distracting for the game's few virtues to shine through.

Bottom Line: Fans of action games and Greek mythology will find some small things to like here but it will be buried under layers of frustration.

Game: Clash of the Titans
Genre: Brawler
Developer: Bandai
Publisher: Warner Bros.
Release Date: July 27th, 2010
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Available from: Amazon

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