Review: PlayStation Move Roundup

Greg Tito | 18 Nov 2010 13:00
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The Shoot

Its cartoony style and simple use of the gun accessory makes The Shoot the best out of this bunch. The setup is a bit thin: you are an actor on a movie shoot and you must shoot bad guys in order to impress the director. The mandatory intro is a bit slow, but it does give you basically all of the information that you need to excel in the game. The Shoot is just a rail shooter, but it varies up the targets enough to keep it interesting and the power ups like Showtime and Shockwave must be used at strategic moments to get past certain bosses. The Golden Age of Hollywood style is consistent throughout as you progress through the different fake movies as levels from the obligatory Western to a Zombie flick to my favorite, "Robotimus Crime" which is apparently about a robot gone bad. It's good clean fun, and since you're not shooting people, just wooden cutouts, it might appeal to parents of younger children too.

Time Crisis - Razing Storm

If you liked playing light gun shooters in your local arcade growing up, then you're probably familiar with the Namco series Time Crisis. The disc for Razing Storm contains not only the spinoff game that was in arcades in 2009, but also Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates. All of the games recreate the feel of being in an arcade and shooting at targets that pop up, or rush at you, and playing with a second player is not only encouraged but damn well necessary sometimes too. The story mode of Razing Storm, however, tries to combine the light gun gameplay with a standard first person shooter by allowing you to move around with a Dual Shock controller and shoot and control the camera with the gun. This control scheme just doesn't work. I spent way too much time pointed at the ground or trying to maneuver around. There are green arrows which give you points where it turns into the familiar Shoot/Cover gameplay but it's difficult to get these to work properly. Thankfully, you have the option to just play on rail mode and have fun shooting South Americans, terrorists or pirate skeletons to your heart's content.

Despite the hardcore brand, the games for PlayStation Move still just make me think of an HD Wii. The best motion control games are those that don't try to do too much and provide simple gameplay that takes advantage of the technology. I had the most fun with The Shoot and the arcade mode of Time Crisis - Razing Storm, while I thought that The Fight and Prostroke Golf were just too close to the real thing to be any fun. Accurate simulations are great for science, but it doesn't always make for fun games.

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