X-Men Destiny Review

Susan Arendt | 7 Oct 2011 14:47
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The game also boasts some impressively pointless platforming sequences, which consist of jumping up to a cross beam, shimmying along faster than you can actually run on the ground, and then dropping down to your destination. I guess they're meant to add some much-needed variety to Destiny, but they're so fast, easy, and dumb that you'd be forgiven for forgetting they even exist.

Making the gameplay even more tiresome is the camera, which apparently feels very strongly that you should be playing something else (it's right) and so refuses to behave in a way that might make the fight sequences more enjoyable. It'll zoom in on your forehead, or closely examine a corner, or stubbornly stare at the floor. In the camera's defense, however, Destiny isn't something you really want to look at all that much. The environments are forgettable and the characters are ugly. Bad visuals are always regrettable, but especially so when the material they're supposedly meant to evoke are the color-drenched panels of comic books.

You're totally neutral at the start of X-Men Destiny, but at various points in the game, you'll be given the opportunity to accept missions for either the X-Men or the Brotherhood. These choices theoretically nudge your meter towards one group or the other, but that's not really how it plays out. I didn't turn down a single Brotherhood mission yet still ended up a meter full to bursting with X-Men love. That's not the only reason it's pointless to turn anyone down, either. Even if you say no, you'll end up doing whatever it was you were asked to do anyway, you just won't get any credit with that particular faction. And it's not as though the choices present any kind of moral dilemma; the Brotherhood isn't asking you to do anything particularly evil and the X-Men aren't asking you to be overly noble. Everyone just wants you to help the helpless and punish the bad guys, so turning them down makes absolutely no sense.

What really got me about X-Men Destiny was that despite the fact you've only had your powers for about five minutes, everybody - Mystique, Cyclops, Colossus, everybody - is more than happy to let you call the shots and boss them around. Sure, they've got years of training and experience, but clearly you're the best choice to go head to head with the giant robots.

Bottom Line: With a running time of just about 4 hours from start to finish, it seems obvious that you're meant to play X-Men Destiny with all three characters, but there's no reason to. It's repetitive, ugly, stupid, and boring.

Recommendation: If you're morbidly curious or just want some easy Achievements and Trophies, go ahead and rent it. But you'll feel a little ashamed afterwards. Just a little.

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This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Game: X-Men Destiny
Genre: Brawler
Developer: Silicon Knights
Publisher: Activision
Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
Available from: Amazon(US), GameStop(US), Amazon(UK)


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