Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Review

Paul Goodman | 9 Mar 2012 22:00
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There's a few times where a match's pacing may feel off, as all it can take is one lucky grenade to wipe out your whole team before you actually manage to do anything, but for the most part the intensity ramps up evenly. As you complete missions and gain experience, you'll be able to focus and improve your characters' abilities, letting you have a fair amount of choice in the areas of combat expertise in which you'd like to focus.

Currently there are only six maps, which feels like a small selection given the number of locations you'll visit in the single player game, but at least they provide a nice variety of locales in which to lob grenades or biotics around. You'll be killing Geth in claustrophobic close quarters within a facility's reactor room, or dodging Cerberus snipers in a secret research lab. Each map is varied enough that you and your team will have to change up your style of play in order to succeed, as some maps have less cover or places to resupply than others.

Every few waves, you'll be given specialized objectives to switch up the action, such as disabling "indoctrination boosters" or hacking a computer terminal within a set time limit. Completing these waves gives you credits, which you can then spend on varying player packs that randomly include one-time use items, weapons or character upgrades in the game's multiplayer store. The store system has a nice feel to it, as it frees you up to play the game and then purchase packs to upgrade your gear instead of just grinding experience to reach the next rank for a weapon or class. Though, given the random nature of what each pack can give you, it can be frustrating to receive weapons and gear that don't work for the class you prefer to use the most. I don't particularly use SMGs very much, so it's always a little annoying when I consistently get more upgrades for that type of weapon rather than something more useful. Plus, you can't trade items or credits with your friends, so if you're stuck getting weapons you can't use, you pretty much just have to hold out until something useful eventually comes along

Bottom Line: Mass Effect 3's multiplayer is an excellent co-operative gaming experience, but its connection to the single player campaign may not sit right for some.

Recommendation: Mass Effect 3's multiplayer is a solid gaming experience on its own and is definitely worth trying out.

Game: Mass Effect 3
Genre: Shooter
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Available from: Amazon(US), GameStop(US), Amazon(UK),


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