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Fansy The Famous Bard

Alan Au | 25 Dec 2007 11:38
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"I was kind of angry about Sullon Zek actually," Fansy says. "All my friends on my old PvP server decided to leave and join it. I thought it was a bad idea to have 'teams' like Good and Evil and thought the entire server was silly. ... I joined the team nobody played, with the intention of showing my friends how bad this server was. They wanted to go Evil, but when they saw what I was doing, they all joined Good. But that wasn't my intention."

Fansy the Famous Bard
When you throw out the rulebook, the world opens up. Blart the troll became Fansy the Bard, "because [Bards] were the best class for training, a tactic where a monster follows you and kills other people in your path."


Of course, Fansy wasn't just a Bard; he was a level five Bard. According to the hard-coded game mechanics, he wasn't yet eligible for PvP combat, but monsters didn't care about player level. In fact, the tactic of training monsters worked even better than even Fansy could have imagined. "I thought up the invulnerable exploit and planned to train low-level monsters. I didn't know I'd be able to train a sand giant [a particularly high-level monster], until I tried it! It was glorious. I was invulnerable and could kill anyone. It was a great feeling. I giggled the entire time and rolled around in my underwear. That's how God must feel when he kills people."

Individually formidable, a collection of sand giants made short work of any opponents Fansy might happen upon as he sprinted across the realm. His efforts were quickly noticed. "It was all over every message board, so the highest-level guy in the game came to try and stop Fansy, but I was invulnerable, so it was just his giant train vs. mine."

I Fought the Law and the Law Won
People began complaining to the game masters (GMs) about their inability to retaliate, but the GMs were split on the issue. "The GMs were instructed to let me do what I want. A friend who worked as a GM later told me they had lots of discussions about Fansy, and if what he's doing is going too far against the 'no rules' policy. They tried to get me to stop several ways. Sometimes I'd be kiting a giant, and I'd suddenly be unable to move, or they'd spawn the giants on top of me."

After all, Sullon Zek was supposed to be the server with no rules. The players there might have been the hardest of the hardcore, but they were still subscribers. "It was a new idea they had, the no rules. And it lasted three days."

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