Williams disagrees. "I think it was largely a reflection of the times, where the adventure games that lined up a lot of computer owners' shelves were starting to be replaced with shooters and strategy games. Although the game's marketing is frequently used as an explanation, I'd personally disagree with this. The game definitely received a lot of love from LucasArts with regards to traditional advertisement, and the actual campaign itself was pretty intriguing."

Still, like Glottis, the community's loyalty is unshakeable. Over the years they have had to endure the periodic false rumors of a sequel, and most recently reports of a possible movie in the works.

"The idea of a Grim Fandango sequel's definitely controversial in the fan community. Some people really want to see one, and others see the game as being a totally complete story with all loose ends tied up neatly," says Eggers.

Even with a general reluctance in the community toward sequels, all fans have ideas.

"If I were given the resources to make a sequel to Grim Fandango, I'd ask them if they'd let me produce a re-master instead. I'd love to see the original with high-definition versions of the artwork, updated character models, high-definition audio, etc. Grim Fandango is a timeless classic, and I'd love to see it brought up to date in the future," says Williams.

According to Isaac, "a lot of people talk about carrying on Manny's journey from when it left off at the end of the game, but as far as I'm concerned his story has been finished and should be left as it is. What I'd like to see is the journey of a new character through the Land of the Dead. The story behind the game is incredibly original, and leaves much more to see and so many more stories to be told."

When asked about future plans, Isaac says, "We do have a lot more features we're planning on. Something to definitely keep an eye on is the Grim Fandango-based modification for Half-Life 2 which has its own section on the site. In a way, it's our attempt at a sequel to the game."

"The Grim Fandango Network's reinvention as a museum and tribute to the game is a very big project. There are features and facilities I'd love to offer the community right now such as an incredible vault of fan work that I've painstakingly archived (we're going back years and years here)," says Williams.


Grim Fandango lives on, like the wandering souls from the game, in the community that now supports it. Those who played the game left Rubacava but never quite shook the feeling it was a place worth holding onto. And now they're taking steps to make sure it never fades from anyone's mind. The community behind Grim Fandango is determined to walk, not run, to catch up with the long ride to the Underworld.

Nova Barlow is the Research Manager for The Escapist.

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