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World of StarCraft

Daeran Wang | 26 Aug 2008 13:45
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"StarCraft is the perfect strategy game. It encompasses every aspect of strategy. It has infinite variability within it and it's perfectly balanced, " said Klazart.

Both Klazart and diggity began as competitive Counter-Strike players before realizing that their preferred "event" was far less enjoyable to watch than Blizzard's flagship RTS. "Even with the new overview modes and map modes [in Counter-Strike], you couldn't ever get an encompassing tactical sense of the action," Klazart said. "Watching it was crap." Although many factors are responsible for StarCraft's dominance in Korea - like the high-technology culture, the availability of high-speed internet and even an economic ban on Japanese projects - some credit must go to the game's innate capability to facilitate high-skill-level action that is captivating for players and spectators alike.


"In my attempts to actually watch Korean Warcraft matches, I started watching StarCraft and literally, it just took me one or two or three games to make the switch ... quite simply because it was so much more fun and exciting to watch," Klazart said.

Their World
It started for Klazart with an amateur commentary competition held by teamliquid.net (inspired by Tasteless). Soon after, Klazart began commentating almost full time, covering as many matches as possible. His YouTube popularity blossomed as he uploaded more and more videos. Unbeknownst to him, two of his biggest fans were Californians by the name of diggity and moletrap. When Klazart took a break from commenting to focus on his novel, moletrap and diggity decided to take up his mantle.

Now, after second generation of commentators have joined in, there are more than a dozen. Cholera, RainmanMP, Deus, and PsyonicReaver are just a few of the new recruits. Pooling their talents with writers, web administrators, forum moderators, fans and players, they have formed sc2gg.com, a user-created community for almost all things StarCraft with a focus on English commentary.

In November 2007, sc2gg started out as a for-profit business venture. In this early stage, all three of its forbearers felt a little apprehensive about supporting such a profit-minded endeavor. When one partner dropped out and the "profit" part was removed, moletrap and diggity put their full faith into the project. Along with Radivel, who financially supported this website, they decided to pursue a new vision.

"Radivel was like, 'I'm just going to do this as a fan-community site and I want it to be as Web 2.0 as possible,'" diggity said.

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