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Greg Tito | 2 Sep 2008 12:50
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The Lord of the Rings is a different matter. Erin truly enjoys all of the films, although keeping her awake for a three-hour movie is a bit of a challenge. (She took at least three naps during a recent viewing of The Dark Knight, for example.) "It's a great film," Erin said. "There's comedy and romance, and it's visually stunning. I love epics. Plus, Gollum is precious." Despite being slightly disturbed that she found the creepy ring-junkie "cute," I was heartened by her enthusiasm. Maybe this crazy experiment was going to work after all.


World of Warcraft has been a huge bone of contention in our relationship ever since the game was released in 2004. "I watched you playing and I had no idea what the hell you were doing," she said. "You were always killing monsters, and when I asked you if you were winning you said, 'There is no winning.' I was like, 'You can die and come back to life?' It's an ongoing game that never ends? That's not really a game. It's like a lifestyle, and it's strange."

After I told Erin about this article, however, we talked about playing World of Warcraft for weeks. She approached it with some excitement; after all, here was something we could possibly do together. She was at first interested in creating a gnome character - their chipper emotes and multicolored pigtails may have been part of the appeal - but she ultimately settled on a blood elf. "She's so pretty!" she exclaimed when we finished picking her hair and earrings. The classes were a little harder to explain to someone with no fantasy background, but Erin was drawn to having demons as pets for some inexplicable reason. Daffne, the blood elf warlock, was born.

Erin was immediately impressed with how beautiful the architecture looked in the blood elf starting area. "What do I do?" Erin asked after the intro video. I guess the exclamation point over the head of the blood elf in front of Daffne wasn't obvious enough. I told her to click on the character to receive her first quest.

Using our laptop, I signed into a friend's account and quickly created a male blood elf on the same server. Playing together, the two of us quickly completed the first five or six quests. I think the most frustrating thing for Erin was not being able to control her character effectively. It was very hard for her to grasp moving forward with the keyboard and steering/looking with the mouse. The idea of being able to control the "camera" in videogames was foreign to her. The camera would often be looking straight down on her character or looking up and not being able to see what was in front of Daffne. Concentrating on such an imperfect image fatigued Erin's eyes quickly. We only played for an hour before she ended our grand experiment.

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