The Fiction Issue #2

The Fiction Issue #2
Gears of War: Aspho Fields

Karen Traviss | 30 Sep 2008 12:12
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     Rossi's voice was almost drowned out by gunfire. "Yeah. All the way around the atrium. Height's about five meters."
     "Have you got control of the shutter?"
     "Sphincters - no. Shutter - yes."
     "Raise it on my mark."
     "We've got grubs inside, too. I wasn't planning on letting reinforcements in."
     "Just raise it when I say."
     "Want to share?"
     "Let the Boomer in and leave the rest to us. We'll go in from the top."
     Rossi went silent for a moment. Dom heard a voice in the background urging someone called David to hang in there; they had wounded to evacuate.
     "Haven't got much choice, have we?" Rossi said. "Standing by."
     "Keep your channel open." Marcus turned. "Okay, we've got two exits at the rear of the mall, accessible from the loading bays. Up the fire escape, along the mezzanine, and then Dom and I drop the Boomer from above."
     "What do I do, then, catch up on my knitting?" Baird said. "And how do you know the layout?"
     "My mom used to go there a lot when I was a kid," Marcus said quietly. "I explored."
     "And that's what we're banking on? Your mom's shopping trips?"
     Dom was certain that Marcus was going to punch Baird out sooner or later. He'd never seen Marcus lose his temper, but nobody could take Baird's whining every day without wanting to kick the living shit out of him. The longer
     Marcus took it in silence, the bigger the eruption Dom expected.
     "Yeah," Marcus sighed. "So you and Cole give us covering fire if the grubs spot us moving. Once we're in and the shutter lifts, close up and go in behind them."
     Baird was still muttering over the comms channel about what a crap plan it was, while Dom followed Marcus back the way they'd come and slipped down a side road to circle around the block. Just as Marcus had said, there was a rear entrance to the mall. The walls were still intact. The doors were missing.
     Dom checked his Lancer and followed Marcus into what was obviously familiar territory to him. "When you say drop the Boomer, Marcus, define drop."
     "Jump him. Take his head off."

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