Girl Power

Girl Power
OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1

Whitney Butts | 1 Nov 2005 07:05
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Someone says something about Johnny Depp's character in Pirates of the Carribean, Captain Jack Sparrow, and I respond with "hehe Jack Sparrow is hot." The conversation in party chat follows:

[Warrior]: omg wtf dude are you gay or something?
[Rogue]: yeah dude, that's sick
[Teleios]: I'm a girl. I can think guys are hot.
[Nice Guy with Good Grammar]: Woah, you're a girl. That surprises me, you are actually a good priest. No one has died.
[Teleios]: Well yeah, girls can play games and be good you know.
[Shaman]: wow there's a girl playing horde. Most girls are so insecure they have to play alliance to make themselves pretty.
[Teleios]: Well obviously that's not a problem for me. I like my priest as she is.
[Rogue]: can I see ur pic plz?
[Teleios]: no.
[Warrior]: come on why not?
[Teleios]: I don't show my pic to random people.
[Rogue]: ur not a girl.
[Teleios]: That's right, girls don't exist on the internet, or play games.
[Warrior]: at least not hot ones, they are all fat and stupid
[Teleios]: That's not very nice.
[Shaman]: If you are a girl, you're probably not hot either.
[Rogue]: can we go, teleios isn't a girl they won't show pic
[Nice Guy with Good Grammar]: Yeah, I don't believe it either. Probably someone just fishing for free stuff.

Again, a girl who doesn't show her picture on the internet is not a girl and the only girls on the internet are actually guys who are just trying to get free stuff. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten free stuff before, but I don't solicit it. Not like those "girls" who sit around dancing for tips in game. You know who you are, and you know you're not a real girl. Real girls don't exist on the internet.

Case 3: The Instant Message

I have befriended boys. We really just play the game together. It's nice to have someone I can always do something with, or bug if another person is needed in game, or even just someone to talk to when I don't have anything else I can do. Boy 4 and I are chatting about random nonsensical things. We talk about people in game and whether they look like expected upon seeing real life pictures. I show him my picture. The following conversation occurs:

Teleios: *link to my picture*
Boy 4: omg wtf
Teleios: uh....
Boy 4: Is that you?
Teleios: Um, yeah.
Boy 4: wtf. Really?
Teleios: Yeah.

Once the pictures actually come out, the result is shock followed by denial and disbelief. The boys have a tendency to think it's really someone's sister or a random picture found on the internet, but not who I really am. Remember, girls don't exist on the internet.

Case 4: Teamspeak and Ventrilo

Here's where the real test comes in. Teamspeak and Ventrilo are commonly used voice communication programs. I'm not afraid to get on one, but for the longest time I was afraid to talk.

A few months back, I joined a rather large raiding guild in WoW. Ventrilo was required for raiding, to allow for better organization and quicker communication. I didn't have a problem with logging on and listening, but I was very nervous about talking. There is one other girl in the guild who refuses to talk, and I very quickly learned why. A girl talking on a voice communication program results in the same accusation every time: It's a big facade.

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