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Pat Miller | 30 Dec 2008 13:18
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But if I'm here to uncover the secrets to their success, I shouldn't omit their failures. I asked them about the ideas that didn't pan out so well. Surprisingly, despite the shoestring budget that the PP guys are working with, they didn't seem like they felt limited in the least. "There are a few ideas that we have shelved due to budget restrictions ... a few epic scenes in particular that I was very excited to do, but we ended up not doing them because of the difficulty and cost," Geoff admits - and considering his position as the film geek of the operation, I would be astonished if he hadn't said something like that. "If we were to go all out and spend a lot of money on a scene, it would be cool, but that's not why people watch the show. If people wanted to see big-budget effects, they would go see a Michael Bay movie."

Jarett, on the other hand, mentions a pretty serious character re-write. "If we could do it all again, I'd probably make Jeremy a StarCraft player. Because the show started almost by accident, we didn't have a long-term story or strategy in mind yet. We were simply creating a show for fun that was centered around what we were into at the time, and at that time we were hopelessly addicted to Zero Hour. Since then, the Zero Hour community has faded into near-oblivion, and I feel it makes the early episodes less accessible than they could be. On top of that, I rediscovered my love of StarCraft last year, and it's now my RTS of choice - and the greatest RTS of all time. It's always easier to be writing about something you're into."

That last sentence is the flame tank in my base, the no-scoped headshot that my cousins lord over me at the dinner table, the guard-broken Air Hyper Viper Beam, the "gg no re." You don't need to do a whole interview to figure out the mysterious origin of their gamer cool - it's out in the open, plain as day. They write about stuff we're into. Stories we want to hear, because they remind us that other people totally owned at Pong when we were, like, 2. Stories we want to hear, because they remind us that we are every bit as awesome in real life as we are when we play games - even if the real world doesn't always think so. It's obvious what Pure Pwnage fans have in common.

We love games.

Pat Miller is, coincidentally, also an Asian guy with big muscles, Street Fighter II skills, and a decent chili recipe of his own. He also writes a blog on race and video games called Token Minorities.

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