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Of Love and Games
Crazy in Love

Pat Miller | 10 Feb 2009 12:34
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To be sure, there isn't a game we could design that would discourage this kind of behavior. That Sonic the Hedgehog grabs rings and spins does not lead us to the inevitable conclusion that someone out there will want to marry him, and while JRPGs may cater to a more obsessive crowd, level grinding doesn't necessarily lead one down the path of abusive fan LARPing communes. I don't think this kind of behavior is to be wholeheartedly scorned or feared, either. We've probably all known somebody whom the FF7 House or the Sarah Saga reminds us of. What's more, we've probably all seen a little bit of ourselves in some of these people. As jaded as I am now to the adolescent escapism that gaming, anim

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