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The Fanatic Issue
Multiboxing to Level 80 Nirvana

Greg Tito | 3 Mar 2009 13:20
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There are many factors which draw an individual to multiboxing, but none are more important than frustration. When multiboxers start gaming, they level on one character like everyone else. Then they're struck by what can be the biggest drawback of any social game: other players. "What made me turn to multiboxing was the huge waste of time that other people brought to the game," says Starbuck-Jones, a tech support rep from southern Idaho. "I would log on, start forming a group to an instance and fairly quickly get four other players. Then I would sit and wait sometimes pushing an hour for the other people to get to the dungeon."

Even then, the group was sometimes ill-equipped to deal with the difficulty of the content. These pick-up groups, or PUGs, can be infuriating, but they are often the only way to advance your character once you reach the level cap. "With multiboxing I am playing only when I want to, and I have no one to tell me how to do things or yell at me," says Bryan, a rare 10-boxer from NJ. "You can get so much more done when you're not worrying about finding groups and getting into bad groups."


An emphasis on time efficiency is a major unifying personality trait for multiboxers. They are excited by how fast they can level, or how they can quickly tackle content normally relegated to groups. For some, real life constrains the amount of time available to play, and multiboxing gives them the opportunity to use that time to the fullest. CodeX is a 30-year-old computer science student who spends most of his time with either his girlfriend or his studies. "My available time is limited due to other interests in life, so I wanted to most efficiently play WoW. 5-boxing allows me to do this," he says. Bryan elaborates on this idea: "A lot of people who see me running 10 or even 5 at once think that I must be some kind of extreme gaming addict, but the ironic thing is that to me, multiboxing is the path for a less hardcore gaming experience. It allows me to do it all on my own time and spend more time having a good experience in the game." Multiboxing also allows a player to step away from the game without wasting the time of other players. As Hor puts it, "If I want to log off and catch a movie with my wife, I don't have to feel bad for abandoning the group or even bother waiting around for a replacement. I just go. My group's always there when I come back."

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