Fiction 4

Fiction 4
Looking for Group Therapy

Richard Hehemann | 19 May 2009 13:42
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Graylock broke the silence. "It's not being Controlled that I mind so much. I mean, it's like I'm not even in my own body. I'm numb to it. It's the other times. There is something just not right about the world."

"Tell me more about that," said the doctor.

"Well, I always get dropped off in the same inn, the Greentree. Every five minutes, the same guardsman comes in and has the same conversation with the innkeeper. Word for word. Identical. Every five minutes. I can recite it along with them. And these two act like they've never heard it before. And there's a farmer that offers five silver pieces to anyone who will kill the giant boar that attacked his farm. There must have been ten thousand people that have come through and claimed that reward. How much money does this farmer have? Why doesn't he just buy a safer farm, or hire a guard?"

"Hey, I remember that farmer," said Telestra. "I think I killed that boar once."

"So did I," said Glomerulus.

"I pwned hiz azz 2," said HaxxorBoi.

"Okay, this is good," said Dr. Andophilus. "We have a substrate to build on. Graylock is experiencing feelings of alienation from his environment and is lacking a foundation for the walls of his mental tower."

"Excuse me," said Brandic. "'His mental tower?'"


"Yes," said the doctor. "We must all build towers to defend our psyches. Our bricks are positive thoughts, and our mortar is energizing emotions."

"What a load of horse apples," said Brandic as he stood up. "Look, the world is what it is. We didn't make it, we didn't set its rules and we certainly can't change it. And that means that you're going to have to dive off that cliff, or charge into the demon's lair for the 17th time, or talk strangely. There's not much use complaining, and organizing a group to complain is even worse."

"Therapy can be a true voyage of self-discovery for those willing to commit the time and effort," said the doctor.

"How? The elf there is still going to leer at women when she is Controlled, because she's being Controlled. How is she going to talk her way out of that one?" Dr. Andophilus started to reply but Brandic cut him short. "And what makes you the expert anyway?"

"Well, I'm a doctor."

"You're the bandage trainer. I did your quests about a year ago. I remember now."

Brandic turned to leave the room, then stopped. "You know, I came here to talk about my issues with violence and how I feel compelled to fight all the time. But somehow I don't see it as a problem anymore."

"Where are you going?" asked Graylock.

"To upgrade my dagger." Brandic grinned.

"ROFLCOPTOR!" said HaxxorBoi.

Richard Hehemann is a science fiction/fantasy author and unrepentant PvE healer.

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