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This guarantee is key to the single-player experience. For these titles to function as fantasy fodder, it must be impossible for the player to fail once they know the correct steps to initiate a sex sequence. There's no point in building the possibility of permanent rejection into the A.I. - it's humiliating enough being rejected in real life, let alone in a fantasy world of your own creation. Instead, AG3 places you in a position to exert complete romantic and sexual control over every character in the game. (Indeed, one of the creation traits even allows players to bypass the already minimal effort required to convert a girl from "friend" to "lover.")


The single-player dynamic is crucial to the AG3's promise of precise fantasy companionship. For obvious reasons, the unpredictability of multiplayer participants wouldn't work in this context; single-player erotic games are much more focused on getting players where they want to go than they are with consent. With only the A.I. to deal with, players can easily recognize patterns and correct their mistakes in order to trigger in-game sex whenever they want to. Simply put, AG3's appeal is that it places the power to initiate sex with a girl of your choosing (and of your own design) entirely in your hands.

Like a cheesy romance novel, the women in AG3 are almost completely submissive, save for occasional flurries of assertiveness. Likewise, the male lead is practically a mind reader, able to fulfil every sexual desire with ease, which, in reality, most men would surely find exhausting and frustrating. But AG3 is not in any way a reflection of reality, and the characters must act the way they do for the game to fulfill its purpose as masturbatory theater. They may perform limited "couple" activities (walks on the beach, sitting down to lunch, visiting local points of interest), but these are mere facsimiles, shorn of the sensation of authentic human interaction.

Games like AG3 probably aren't responsible for creating the view of women as puzzles that, once solved, are entirely in your control. But they do serve a single-player audience for whom this view is already in place, an audience who want to spend a little time puzzling and a lot of time dominating their 3-D anime creations. My own experiences with the game left me with the feeling that it was much too creepy to be arousing - performing a set number of actions to trigger an animated blowjob from a busty mathematical algorithm proved to be a great deal more surreal than sexual. I did find, though, that the developers of AG3 are well named: What is all of this if not an Illusion?

Peter Parrish is looking forward to explaining that these games on his hard-drive are "research."

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