iPhone and Game

iPhone and Game
Apple's Forbidden Fruit

Robert Stoneback | 15 Sep 2009 12:12
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iGirl, lacking as it is in anything approaching nudity, is obviously much tamer than consumer demand may dictate, a necessary condition of its placement on the App Store. A lot of people, however, question the point of Apple keeping out the steamy stuff, since the iPhone's Safari browser allows unrestricted access to the internet. What's the point of censoring a naughty app if someone can log on to Booble.com anytime (and anywhere) they want?


Steven Weitz, an instructor of media arts at Pennsylvania's Lehigh Carbon Community College, sees this practice as "hypocritical." "The fact that you can get to [practically] any pornographic material on the web via the Safari browser ... completely contradicts Apple's 'no adult material' policy," he says.

It's this frustration that has led some, much like in the days of Mystique and Panesian, to look for options outside Apple's walled garden. Do you want your iPhone to display a pair of bouncing breasts whose appearance you can manipulate right down to the color and size of each areola? Do you want to use your iPhone as a vibrator? Then you, my friend, will have to jailbreak it.

"Jailbreaking" refers to the practice of hacking an iPhone or iPod Touch to allow it to load unauthorized third-party applications. Apple touts the practice as illegal, though it hasn't yet enforced this claim. Jailbroken iPhones even have their own unsanctioned marketplace, the Cydia Store, which allows for the buying and selling of homebrewed iPhone apps.

A lot of apps for jailbroken iPhones are pretty innocuous, such as ones allowing you to record video using the iPhone's camera. There are a number of programmers, however, who see it as a chance to develop more risqué content for the platform. According to a Wall Street Journal article from earlier this year, renegade marketplaces similar to the Cydia Store are in development, including an as yet unnamed one that will specialize in selling adult games. Just like in the days of Atari and Nintendo, there are people vigorously at work trying to fill the void of sex games on their platform of choice.

As it currently stands, however, adult games on the iPhone haven't evolved much beyond their Atari and NES equivalents. Just like Peek-a-Boo Poker, iPhone sex games are largely copycats of other titles with the addition of some extra cheese- or beefcake as a reward. iHottie, for example, is a digital version of a sliding tile game, but with pictures of Asian models instead of dinosaurs or flowers. Sexy Hangman is the classic word game with your choice of a picture of a hunk or babe in underwear for your trouble. Marine Girls is for all those who are into chicks with Qix.

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