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Pie in the Face
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Russ Pitts | 22 Sep 2009 13:04
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"As teenagers we realized that we were lame geeks who still played with their GI Joes even at that age," say Benny and Rafi Fine, creators of the wildly popular LOST parodies. "After crying about not having girlfriends, and making out with each other ... we realized, why not combine our love of film and toys into one?"

The result was a series of movies starring action figures, culminating with G.I.Joe: The Epic Saga, which was subsequently shut down by Hasbro. They've since moved on to other projects, like LOST, a parody of the popular television series starring action figures of the show's characters and a variety of special guests, and their infamous Harry Potter Sex video, which broke new ground in awfulness, depicting the adorable characters from J.K Rowling's young adult fiction performing barely describable sex acts ... with wands. The Fine Bros. say their strict upbringing is to blame for their offbeat sense of humor, and their proclivity for homosexual incest ... with each other.

"Growing up strict orthodox Jews, we experienced a lot of shunning and one-mind thinking," say The Fine Bros. "Things like homosexuality and incest [were] frowned upon for some reason. Besides, with us it's not about being gay ... it's about family. One of our many mottos remains 'It's not gay if it's family.' [Our upbringing] created at an early age the want to break against the norm, and we find the best way of doing that is through comedy. To truly be the people that provide the escape in life from the mundane and troubles of life, is a great feeling."

Benny and Raffi say the secret of comedy is "having a heartbeat behind it. Anyone can stand up and yell about things we all relate to in life, but good comedy has a message behind it, regardless of how fucked up it may seem. The real secret is finding the way to present it that will appeal to those just looking for the laugh, as well as those that can see that heartbeat behind it."


A good comedic character, say The Fine Bros., has "layers, layers, layers. Having a subtle story arc into a character that can re-reference itself as you see the character more and more is the true heart of a character. Giving the audience pieces of a map to understand who this person is and why they are as they are, can even make a pedophile relatable and even likeable. (We have a web series that proves that!)"

The Fine Bros. have moved in new directions since their ambitious beginnings with action figures, producing a number of video series on their site ravenstake.com, a few of which star the creators themselves. But they always come back to action figures. "It's due to the figures being so loyal to us, willing to work at all hours without a single word of complaint that always brings us back to them," they say. The Fine Bros. are currently working on several new projects.

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