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The Other Side of the Counter

Joe Blancato | 3 Jan 2006 11:03
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Looking back, though, I'm able to remember one day I went home feeling better about the world around me, in particular.

A family, which I later learned was from Argentina, walked into the store. They were an American nuclear family in every way - husband, wife, an older brother and younger sister - except they didn't speak a word of English. I had only a tenuous grip on Spanish, and the guy working the counter with me was even more clueless, so I drew from my year of conversational Spanish in high school and tried not to sound like too much of a Gringo.

I managed to get the gist: They wanted a PlayStation game both the brother and the sister could play, preferably used. I picked up a few games - Banjo Kazooie, a Spyro title and one of the earlier FIFA Soccer versions. In hilariously broken Spanish ("Son muy agradable para los ni

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