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Geeks in the Mist

Amanda Yesilbas | 5 Oct 2010 12:35
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Part II Successes:

Further scouting of the campus environment produced territorial markings that would prove to be a viable lead. The breakthrough came in the form of a flier giving clear instructions for the attendance of an anime club. Finally a location, date, and time to encounter an unadulterated geek community.


Anthropological theory suggests that the art and images created by a society reflect its culture, ideals, and aspirations. Study of the flier revealed this group of Geeks valued ample mammary glands and foreign, almost futuristic machinery. Was acceptance possible without possession of engineering skills or a skintight vinyl body suit? Would the encounter be hostile? All these difficulties needed to be overcome to study the Geek in its uncorrupted territory.

The initial encounter in the sterile classroom setting told little of the native environments of this group of Geeks. Population consisted of 5-10 males between the ages of 18-21. It was a herd of young bachelors amiable to observation and only exhibiting mild bravado in the researcher's presence. After the viewing of films, much to this researcher's surprise and delight, the herd retired to a private lair to participate in an arcane and somewhat mysterious game involving dice and mathematical calculations.
The goal of the game was to hit an imaginary number called zero. Success: A tentative bond of trust was established and research on the secretive development of the Geek could really begin. The following observations were gained over the next three years of daily observation logs.

Geek Pack Members

As stated before, the Geek herd was all young males between the ages of 18-21. Each was preparing for a future outside of the university habitat by studying skills that would help it adapt to a foreign environment. Peculiarly, the focuses were on medicine, law, and business. These disciplines are perhaps some of the most alien and uncompromising to natural behaviors exhibited by the Geek. In retrospect, I believe this should have been a clue to the researcher as to the subspecies of Geek with which I was dealing.

Activities and Behaviors

This particular group of Geeks did not specialize in one activity. Their adolescent curiosity allowed for the exploration of different types of Geek behavior without judgment by their peers. Activities included but were not limited to anime and related manga, videogames, including the occasional foreign import, Dungeons & Dragons game play, as well as the consumption of related D&D materials such as novels. The group's interests ranged widely from plumbing the depths of the fantasy genre to idolizing giant robots.

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