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Geeks in the Mist

Amanda Yesilbas | 5 Oct 2010 12:35
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Activities and Behaviors

Behavior and activities reveal that the subject group are still indeed Geeks, however their Geek behavior has been severely limited by familial and work obligations, as well as the need to participate in activities that reinforce the elaborate subterfuge they have created to disguise their true identities. Whenever one Geek encounters another there is always a wistful lament to participate in the activity of Dungeon & Dragons.



At first glace, it appears the mature Geek has completely let his mate subsume the entire living environment. Closer inspection reveals a usually small, out-of-the-way hole the Geek has been allowed to furnish to his tastes. In this room, where the door is always kept closed, the Geek will store his manga, videogame consoles, and sword collections. This environment is only accessible to the Geek and trusted confidants.

Social Interactions

A mature Geek's constant subterfuge creates a tension close to paranoid schizophrenia. Any person that might endanger the Geek's cover and expose their true identity to the larger world is met with violent chastising. The Geek goes to great lengths to hide its Geekiness. Code words and catchphrases have been developed among the tribe to communicate in hostile environments. Example: "I want to roll the bones" indicates a desire to use the dice associated with certain role playing games.

Report Conclusion:

In the beginning of this survey I posed the following questions: Where are the successful Geeks? Where are the married, home-owning, financially secure representations? Through my years of observation I have confirmed their existence in the wild, though their chameleon-like nature has given them a near-mythical status.

In conclusion, the report finds that for self-preservation, many Geeks approaching middle age have taken on adaptations to disguise themselves in the larger and more hostile climes outside of the university. These misunderstood Geeks have not been destroyed as originally speculated, but instead thrive hidden in plain sight. Their lives are a precarious balance. It saddens me to see such a noble creature living in fear and shame, as if its existence alone was cause for ridicule and scorn. These brave men and women have made successes out of their lives despite hiding their true coloring. My only hope is that in time, they will be able to live openly and proudly proclaim, "Hand me the dice!"

Amanda Yesilbas is a respectable professional, with respectable friends, and no dubious hobbies, and she is sticking to that story.

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