What Happens in New Vegas

Russ Pitts | 18 Jan 2011 13:05
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After digging around a bit I discover the town has been harboring a fugitive, a wounded wanderer named Ringo, who's wanted by the local gang. After doing some chores to win some new friends, I gather my posse and head out to face the gang and free Ringo. Unfortunately, this causes my Xbox to crash again.


After re-loading from an old save, doing the chores again, re-making my friends, re-gathering them in the saloon and re-loading my weapons, we're ready. It's high noon, in the center of town. A tumbleweed blows past as the gang members appear on the horizon. The first shots ring out, one of my posse takes a dynamite charge full in the chest. Another falls dead. Bullets fly every which way, but my aim is unerring. I take out three of the gangers and wound two more. The fight looks to be going my way.

I pick up a stick of dynamite from a fallen gang member and toss it over a rock, hoping to flush out the last ganger standing. I wait for the explosion. It never comes. My Xbox has frozen again and we're back to square one.

Play Time: 15 hours
Crashes: 2

Scorpion Mountain
I'm a few miles south of Goodsprings when I see it: a nest of giant scorpions nestled high up on a hill. There are a lot of them. This is bad.

I crouch into a shooter's squat, pull out my varmint rifle and try to get a bead on one of the eight-legged freaks. I give it a few shots to the thorax, but that only makes it madder. It's still coming, and coming fast. A few more shots and it's down, but that was only the first and judging from my threat detector, there look to be three more - at least.

I edge closer, hoping for a clear shot, and as I get nearer, I realize this group of scorpions isn't going to be a problem for anyone any time soon. They're not on the mountain, they're in the mountain. Victims of a clipping bug, these giant scorpions are embedded in the landscape, unable to free themselves. Lucky day for me. Until my Xbox crashes and I have to do it all over again. This time the hard way, as the scorpions have apparently freed themselves. I die twice and finally give up.

Play Time: 20 hours
Crashes: 3
Stupid Deaths: 2

The Man Who Wasn't There
I'm working for a ghoul named Jason. He's the leader of a cult trying to get into space using a bunch of old rockets. Problem: A band of invisible super-mutants has taken over their rocket factory. They need the mutants cleared out so they can suit up and blast off. Yeah, these are the level of problems I'm dealing with in the Mojave Wasteland.

I go after the invisible mutants and convince them to go elsewhere. Some of them need more firm convincing than others. Good thing I'm armed.

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