What Happens in New Vegas

Russ Pitts | 18 Jan 2011 13:05
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Problem solved, Jason and his Brothers prepare to blast off, and I'm asked to meet one of his followers in the control room of what turns out to be a rocket launch facility. I go there, but I'm alone. I wait. I wait. I wait some more. My quest indicator tells me I'm where I need to be, but the man I'm supposed to meet to trigger the ending of this quest is not. He's vanished. Lost in the mess of code that is New Vegas.


I reload an old save, re-play several hours of the game and luckily enough the man is where he needs to be the second time. Too bad the rockets crash ... taking my system with them.

Play Time: 60 hours
Xbox Crashes: 6
Rocket Crashes: 3

Fear and Aggro in New Vegas
I'm getting close to ending this. I know now what's going on in the world, my place in it and what I have to do to make things right. Or as right as they can be, anyway.

Seems the game has a problem with me now, though. Maybe I've racked up too much bad karma. Maybe it doesn't want me to finish. Maybe it's just trying to tell me to go to bed and stop playing.

Whatever. All I know is the crashes are coming fast and furious now, the frame rate is as sluggish as a slide show and every once in a while, random people will fire on me for no good reason.

I'm at Camp McCarran, just minding my own business, when two government troopers open fire. I put bullets in their eye sockets, but the local authorities don't buy the "self defense" excuse. I get dinged with demerits on my reputation. Wasn't even my fault.

Play Time: 90 hours
Crashes: 12
False Accusations: 1

The Good, the Bad, the Selfish and the Broken
I'm near the end of the game and I have to choose sides. I decide to throw in with the NCR, the group that represents what passes for federal authority in the Mojave. I don't like some of what they stand for, but at least they don't hang people from crosses like Caesar's Legion or give me the creeps like Mr. House and his army of robots.

I pull a few tricks for House, just to earn some caps and move the story along and then, out of the blue, I'm told the NCR won't deal with me anymore. Seems they have a beef with House. The fact I've been running all over the damn wasteland like a butt boy for the NCR doesn't seem to matter. The fact that I've completed more missions for idiots in the NCR incapable of moving a box of stuff from one part of town to another on their own doesn't get me anywhere on their "Like-o-meter." I'm either House's or theirs, they say and without being given a choice, I've made my choice. Game over. Shit.

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