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Who's Playing
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The Escapist Staff | 26 Jul 2005 12:07
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Origins [Game Manufacturers Association]
Going on 31 years, Origins is one of the original gaming conventions focusing primarily on Table Top and Pen and Paper games. As the generations grow, video games are growing more prevalent at Origins, similar to GenCon's progression. Origins provides tournaments, events, clubs and organizations, miniatures, LARPs, card games and table top games. Origins' central location of Ohio provides the opportunity for many who cannot attend a conference on the west coast to have a piece of the fun. http://www.originsgames.com/

GenCon [GenCon LLC]
Although most strongly associated with tabletop and miniatures gaming, GenCon has had an increasing amount of video game presence in recent years. With a well-established reputation as a convention for gamers, the GenCon events are quickly becoming a focus for game developers looking to interact directly with their audience. In addition to the expected exhibitors and panels, GenCon attendees have a wide variety of tournaments available, as well as one of the greatest showings of sci-fi and fantasy art in existence. GenCon holds two major events a year, one in Indianapolis and one in Southern California. http://www.gencon.com/

BlizzCon [Blizzard Entertainment]
First announced in June 2005, BlizzCon is a fan convention centered around all Blizzard products. Although World of Warcraft will surely be the primary focus, a playable multiplayer version of StarCraft:Ghost is scheduled to make an appearance, and Blizzard is known to be partial to surprise announcements. Additional scheduled events include Q&A panels with both the World of Warcraft and StarCraft:Ghost developers, the BlizzCon Invitational tournament, surprise contests, and a special Blizzard Art Gallery. http://www.blizzcon.com/

Turbine Nation [Turbine Entertainment]
Originally known as the Asheron's Call Player Luncheon (ACPL), Turbine Nation got its new name in 2004 with the addition of Middle Earth Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online to the event portfolio. First starting in 2001 as a fan-organized gathering focused on the original Asheron's Call, the ACPL earned a reputation for being a very comfortable and personable atmosphere. Although there is no date set for the 2005 edition, with an expansion pack for each Asheron's Call title released in the last six months there's little doubt that there will be something happening this year. http://www.turbinegames.com/

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