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The Contrarian: Masks in the Woods

John Scott Tynes | 31 Jan 2006 11:01
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Then, after spending a while prowling through their writings, I clicked the Forum link to see what the discussion was like. And I found this cryptic message:

Board Offline

A note is attached to the wall: "Turn back! Warning to all ye who seek The Order Of Mithril Twilight. Plague has besieged the Order. With my dying breath, I write these words of warning for any who venture this way. Our fallen brethren, The Mithril Twilight Legion, was too strong for those few of us remaining. They have - "

The letter ends with no other information. Perhaps you should seek out the Mithril Twilight Legion for more information.

A link led me to the Mithril Twilight Legion's website. There, I learned the Order of Mithril Twilight had gained a splinter sect, the Mithril Twilight Legion. The Legion was an evil group of fallen members who had become the undead they used to fight. Now, the two guilds fought against each other, each attempting to persuade the other of their supremacy. The Legion's site had more of the strange, mystical texts, positing a sort of inverse set of lore to that of Lady Twilight. But according to the note on the Order's web site, the Legion had won and the Order was gone forever.

I was deep into closet drama at this point. But I was hooked. What happened next? A forum posting on the Legion's web site made it painfully clear:

"And All That Was Mithril Is Dead: Well, Mithril Twilight Legion is no more. We have merged into The Shatter Scar Clan."

And that was that. Both the Order of Mithril Twilight and the Mithril Twilight Legion were defunct. This whole journey I'd just taken through their lore was for nothing. The Order vs. Legion war had ended before it ever really started. This grand and glorious foundation, which seemingly could have launched years of RP, had all gone to ruin.

What happened? For that answer, I interviewed Endsong, founder of the guild and creator of the Order's website, and Kalis, who led the guild in its latter days through the merger with the Shatter Scar Clan. In the process, I got a look at what an RP guild goes through in pursuit of its dream.

Endsong started the guild in mid-2003 after playing various MMOGs from Ultima Online forward. He researched the Warcraft setting from previous games and began to build his concept of a holy order fighting the undead. This led to his experiments in writing fiction, and then to teaching himself Flash, Photoshop and Painter for purposes of making the site he imagined.

As WoW went through beta, the Order and some other RP guilds in the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association decided to settle on a player vs. player server. The choice was somewhat arbitrary because the game's developer, Blizzard, hadn't designated any servers as being RP-specific.

Another choice Endsong and the guild made in beta had to do with the theme and characters of the guild:

"Having been in the WoW Beta program, I knew how strong the Paladins were against the Forsaken and how vanilla they were against everything else. In the Beta, the Forsaken was the one race that was difficult for the Alliance players to fight, due to their special racial abilities. However, when a Paladin and Holy Priest teamed up against a larger number of Forsaken players, they became a force to be reckoned with. I foresaw that our RP guild could have special RP roles to play in PvP to counter the advantage of the Horde by being anti-undead (Forsaken) specialists."

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