I'd probably teach. One of the tremendous benefits of gaming is its ability to engage and educate its audience (often subtly and incrementally). So, if some entity were brazen enough to prohibit us from constructing this generation's greatest new medium, I would translate my game development experience into immersive "lesson plans." These exercises would teach the intended curriculum, but they would also encourage children to explore their worlds, to challenge their preconceptions, and to "think outside of the box" so that, in the end, they may still create new worlds of their own ... and make the one we live in a far more interesting place.
- Jamie Carlson, Sonalysts Combat Simulations

I would begin a high-profile game project in an attempt to get arrested, make a giant splash in the news, and begin the process of overturning the law.
- Sandy Petersen, Ensemble Studios

Create a political modeling system where individual politicians are "tested" by simulation on their policy decisions to model their effect on things like economy, freedom, health and education. This rating would then be attached like a tag to every statement by every politician so that their quality/competence could be judged immediately by the eBay generation.

A variant would extend to lobbyists and lawyers ...
- Andrew McLennan, Slam Games Limited

Get Out
- Daniel Kinney, Solari Studios

Well, I'm already an expat, but if developing games were illegal where I lived [Thailand], I'd move somewhere else. If games were illegal where most games are sold and the legal market was wrecked, then I guess I'd become super-rich, since as we all know, the main benefit of any contraband is that prices go way up! And I'd be all over that black market. "Psst... hey you... wanna match three? Swap jewels? Psst! Yeah, you... 50 dolla..."
- Steve Verreault, Twilight Games

Pay No Attention
Make games. Just try to stop me.
Who cares?
- James C. Smith, Reflexive Entertainment

Write, paint, draw, make music, make movies ... all the forms of creative expression that go into a game besides actual game making! But since I can't make a living with my skills in those areas, I'd also flip burgers. But secretly at night I'd join James' underground indie cabal.
- Mike Hommel, Hamumu Software

Put it this way: If the government suddenly made selling games illegal, and anyone caught selling games would be summarily executed by beheading with a large traditional katana, I would still be making games - just giving them away for free.
- Dan MacDonald, Rainfall Studios

Write and run more RPG scenarios.
Write more fanfic.
And, of course, make games anyway, just more quietly.
- Georgina Bensley, Hanako Games

I'd do the same thing I do because I'm legally enjoined from smoking pot - I'd create games illegally.
- Steve Meretzky, Floodgate Entertainment

+5 Interesting
I would build another exciting and fun business: a trading company selling high-density polypropylene plastic T-shirt bags to mom-and-pop grocery stores.
- Steven Zhao, Blue Tea Games

I'd invest heavily in law enforcement equipment and arms trading. When all the psychos who currently use videogames as an outlet for their murderous impulses no longer have games, there'll be nothing left for them but the real thing. I'd step up to be the principal arms supplier to both the police and the rocket whores.
- Darren Pye, Vorax Games

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