I'd start a high-end sex party business near a major city (LA, Chicago, Houston, or NYC). It would offer anonymity via cloth masks and would be very expensive. It's a way to watch the rich play their games and take away a lot of money in the process. Who knows? Maybe I'd take a week off and participate sometime. That's what the masks are for!
- Don Perrin

Stick it to the Man! Power to the People!
I'm not really sure. Try to take over the world for real, I guess.
- Dustin Sacks, Sillysoft Games

There's plenty of other creative things I would happily do, so I'd probably do them instead. Except I wouldn't. Because if games were illegal, I'd have to make illegal games, just on principle. Take my s*** underground, yo.

Hey, it might even be better that way.
- Anthony Flack, Squashy Software

I hope I would have abandoned such a silly enterprise as making games to participate in the struggle against evil, well before such an injunction appeared.
- Mike Bennighof, Avalanche Press

I would suddenly find myself involved in a very individual war. It'd be Me vs. Them, and I'd hate to be Them. If I'm not allowed to create my own worlds, then the next available world for sculpting as I see fit is the one they inhabit. Is that what they want? To set a game designer loose upon the comfortable and familiar fabric of real life? They wouldn't be so bold ...
- Tim Scheiman, Indie Madness

If I were legally prevented from making games, I would probably foment revolution a bit more intently than I do now, due to my current lack of free time.
- Matthew Ford, Auran

I would dedicate my life to overthrowing the government, destroying corporations and writing evil viruses. The fact that I have moved to Bulgaria may help me in this endeavor.
- Julian Gollop, Codo Technologies (Sofia, Bulgaria)

It's a ludicrous supposition. The "anti-game activists" aren't trying to ban games entirely... they're just trying to ban the games they don't like (or at least criminalize the sale of such games to minors).

A far more interesting question would be, What are you, dear game developer, doing to prevent further constraints on your creative freedom? Do you write letters to the editor, your congressmen, the IGDA, ESA, ESRB, etc., expressing your views? Do you vote for candidates who support freedom of expression in all media? Have you considered running for office yourself? How about a game industry PAC doing what every other big industry does: make contributions to those politicians willing to let you write the legislation that benefits your industry. That's a strategy that seems to work pretty well.

Playing games is older, deeper and more fundamental to human nature than storytelling, and I am confident games will endure.
- David Wessman, Backbone Entertainment

Allen Varney designed the PARANOIA paper-and-dice roleplaying game (2004 edition) and has contributed to computer games from Sony Online, Origin, Interplay, and Looking Glass.

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