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StateCraft: Update
A Huge Disconnect

Shannon Drake | 28 Mar 2006 11:03
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The name came up, and we keep coming back to the ESA. One thing I did want to ask him about was the Videogame Voters Network, the ESA's attempt to marshal masses of gamers into a political force. I noticed the VGVN was being promoted on GamePolitics, and asked Mr. McCauley about it. "The VGVN is a good start. I'm actively promoting it because gamers need to get a political voice. Is there something better gamers could do? An independent organization (i.e., not controlled by the ESA) would be nice, but until that comes along, I'll back the VGVN."

Earlier, he'd described the biggest problems facing the masses of gamers who want to fight back as "apathy" and "lack of awareness." I ask him for his advice for readers who are frustrated and want to do something, especially those who've overcome the "I'm just one person and no one will listen to me" phenomenon so common in our demographic.

"I counsel frustrated GamePolitics readers to contact their elected officials and make their voice heard," he says, adding, "It's important to do this in a civil, mature fashion, of course. Angry responses not only don't send the right message, they reinforce negative gamer stereotypes. If you're old enough, certainly register and vote."

Those scurrying to join the legions of single-issue voters should pause, though, as he feels "it's important to keep things in perspective. Gamers are only one issue. Would you vote against an otherwise appealing candidate based simply on his/her position on games? This will be an interesting dilemma for many gamers if Hillary runs next year. Here's something to consider: We ran a poll on GamePolitics; 45% who responded said they would decide their vote based solely on a candidate's views on videogame legislation. With issues like Iraq, Iran, globalization, energy policy and abortion on the table, that's actually a little scary."

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