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It's Your Game
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Dave Thomas | 2 Aug 2005 12:03
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For the time being, I'll merrily play the cynic and enjoy the fact that I can get a rise out of people by discussing two men kissing or the mere notion of man-on-man hot sex.

That accounts for the case of the troll marriage. Two boy trolls.

If you think it's funny when two men flirt, you should see it in Second Life. As a "massively multiplayer online game," or "game-like massively multiperson happening" SL goes down as the greatest public freak fest on the Internet. Where else can you find a world of people that dress up like humanoid animals and then hook up? These people give the phrase, "humping like bunnies" a peculiar kind of literal currency.

I'm not trying to pick on people who don furry costumes and have animal sex, because in the right context, I'm sure that could be a lot fun. Really, I'm just picking one of the silly things that I've come across to stand in for all the massive weirdness that goes on in SL every moment of every day. It's like describing Paris as the place with the Eiffel Tower. It's true, but sort of leaves something out.

So, imagine, if you will, a world where furries live and breed (so to speak) along side fat, 50 year-old-men dressed as buff rave kids, moms strolling the streets in freaky bondage gear and a guy I know who thinks its funny to lurch around as a zombie lord with a syringe poking out of his bleeding eye.

Get the picture, or at least a picture?

There's more. I have photos of a man going at it doggy style with a Cootie toy scaled up to donkey size. I've visited a floating ice palace and flown around as an Oompa Loompa on a giant hovering Wonka Bar. I've driven a hamburger and fallen out of a skyscraper. I also walk around butt naked most of the time, but no one really cares. And that's probably because I am bright red and have no discernable genitals.

I'm a troll, or at least that's what I tell people. And for fun, my fellow troll and real life buddy, Knight, and I decided we'd get married. You might think that it is odd that two pretend 3D characters, in a made up 3D computer world, could get married. And it is. The fact that anyone can get married, regardless of sex, affiliation, nationality, or intergalactic life form, says something. Second Life aspires to a truly liberal and egalitarian society. The fact that a couple of boy trolls can get hitched for laughs tells you something important. Second Life is all about doing whatever it is that turns your crank.

I could go on (and on and on and on). Second Life is an expansive place that unfolds like a dream, a tapestry of desires and ideas held in symbolic shape. And like trying to tell people about your dreams, talking about SL just makes you boring in your effort to get people to understand why statues of 40-foot-high naked women holding hands are just so freaking cool.

Second Life's sublime kookiness stems from one source: The players generate all of the content - the walls, the trees, the cars, the chairs, and mostly, themselves. Think of it as the real face of liberty, a picture of what people would actually do if they could design the world, the society, and the people.

And that is they would build monuments to their own passions. Contrary to notion that people are deeply boring, SL shows that instead, people are deeply kinky. That guy that works in the next cubicle over from you (yeah, him) really wants to be a slender blonde in a teddy who lives in a glass tower guarded by robots and dragons. And in Second Life he is.

I know you don't want to think about that guy in girly underwear. But that's sort of the point. We all have these inner lives that we use to create a counter pressure to all that crap on the outside. Fine, your happy place is the white sand beach and a bottle of Corona from that TV commercial. His inner life is just that more interesting, and filled with more lingerie, than yours. And I can get married to a boy for laughs, whether you get it or not.

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