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There's a Lot More to Tell

Shannon Drake | 29 Aug 2006 12:03
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One word that keeps coming up is "story," and I suspect I've found a member of the Games Need More Story Club. After talking about books for a few minutes, we get into a discussion of why many games shy away from story. "Why do people shy away from stories? I think it's just because our industry is immature. And if you look at the movie industry when it first started, there were no stories in movies then either," he answered, leaving me to wonder if viewers of Train Coming Out Of A Station pined for something more engaging. "It's basically similar, but it was all about technology. Once the technology matured to the point where everyone had the right tools, and it started being about content ... the content won. The people who could tell the best stories won. You're starting to see that more and more. You're starting to see gamers say, 'Do I like the story?' more now, starting to rate how good the story of Half-Life 2 was compared to Half-Life. People never used to do that.

"I wish there were more of us. But there's more coming, and I'm starting to see it. And it's funny, because Eternal Darkness is one of those games where you have a lot of people in the industry come up to you and say, 'I want to make a game like that.' And the response we always have is 'Can't wait. We'd love to play it.'" Wouldn't we all?

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