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Editor's Choice
Be Men, Not Destroyers

Kieron Gillen | 27 Feb 2007 11:00
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This isn't it.

Rather than a means of acting out these fantasies, the alienated slog of SCMPRG, warns against it, while trying to argue why someone would want to do it in the first place. It's not a celebration. It's a lament.

The game ends with the lyrics from one of the pair's favorite bands, KMFDM: "He represents the problem - no, he emboldens the problem. If he is expelled, the problem will go away." Except not: "He is not in this alone. He is not the problem." Super Columbine Massacre RPG! isn't the problem. It's certainly not the solution - that's society and the people within it - but it's not a problem. It's something worth having an opinion on. It sits on the boundaries of what videogames have become and could become.

You won't enjoy it, and for that you should be grateful.

Kieron Gillen has been writing about videogames for far too long now. His rock and roll dream is to form an Electro-band with Miss Kittin and SHODAN pairing up on vocals.

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