Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 11: Jailhouse Nok

Entering an ancient alien prison doesn't sound like a great idea, but let's get inside anyway. Melt the gold brick to reveal magnetic blocks. Get by those next with Cyborg, but the bridge ahead is down.

Fly over the gap with Manhunter and scan the giant spider. Laser it's exposed gold brick, then punch the cracked wall once it escapes. Clear the plants away then X-Rag the green brick wall. To solve the puzzle, turn each block until it flashes blue.

Completing the hack raises the bridge so Cyborg can reach the locked door on the far right. Use the Magnet Suit's special ability to reach a weird chamber full of baddies.

Wipe out the opposition underneath the big purple skeleton to give yourself some room to solve puzzles. Blow up both metal silver brick shackles on the big purple skeleton, then step on the lit pressure pad to the left of the statue.

Using a beam of light, the statue opens three locked doors. You have to enter the doors in order - back left, front right, then back right. In the hall ahead there's another bunch of glowing green sparkles. Scan it and smash the cracked wall with any giant character.

Build the hopping bricks and walk up the magnetic path with Cyborg to reach an Electricity Panel. Charge up Cyborg's Electricity Suit. Cross the bridge, smash the crates, and build the bricks into a treadmill.

The lift is now active. Ride it up and clear the vines off the gray box to reveal a grapple point. Pull it down with Cyborg and build the pieces. It's a Generator! Use that left-over charge to power it up.

There's another puzzle ahead. Destroy the plants around the statue to reveal the pressure pads. Jump on them, then enter the rooms in this order; front left, front right, back right, back left.

Indigo-1 and her Corps aren't very passionate with the central lantern all busted up. She wants to fight, and this is a classic brawl. No tricks or puzzles, just a plain fight. Bring her down to half-health and she'll retreat.

To bring her off the hanging cage, scan with Martian Manhunter near the box then magnet her down to continue the fight. The same trick brings down the second one, too. When she's defeated, build the Fast Build pad and use Flash to fix the lantern.

Another world saved and another Lantern on your side. Another good day to be a hero. Now there should only be two levels left.

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