Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 13: Need for Greed

It's the home stretch! This is the last Lantern core the heroes need to save Earth. The same team returns; Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Grundy.

The vines to the right of the starting point close if you get close. Use a grappling hook from far away to tear the stuff down. Past the first encounter with enemies you'll be able to pull a second grapple handle, tearing the pillar free to make a stone bridge.

Up the long path, you'll be blocked by a forcefield. To the left there's a landing covered in Lego brick plants. Smash them to reveal a Grundy Swamp! He finds a water turret. Ride it and hold the attack button to clear away some of the stone debris, revealing a cracked wall Grundy should punch through.

There's lots of stuff to mess with her, but nothing you can do in Story mode. Instead trot down to the flowing river and use a long-range attack to hit the glowing flow bud. Use the flower platform to jump across where you'll find another Grundy Swamp.

Get sucked in and step on the big red button. Step on it to destroy the vines covering the third objective - fly up the waterfall with Lantern and pull the handle!

One down, two to go. Backtrack to the temple and fly to the second floor where the second big flower is blocking your way. Pull this handle to finish up the second objective.

The last flower is hidden behind the tree against the left wall of the temple. Pull down all three hanging branches with Green Lantern, build the hopping bricks into a Green Lantern Construct Pad, and use it to destroy the tree. Now you're clear the pull the last orange handle!

With all three objectives complete, return to the circular temple entrance door and build the hopping bricks that have appeared. Push the turn-style until the door is open.

In the entrance chamber, look for green Lego brick plants up a diagonal path to the left. Smash them all and build the clear pieces into another Green Lantern Construct Pad. Interact with the new fan and you'll have a handy gust of wind to reach the high ledge.

Get Grundy up to the room above and pull the green handles. Use a normal-sized minifig to build the hopping bricks into a Shield Icon for Wonder Woman. Several colored symbols will holographically appear on your screen. Move the laser light onto each of these colors in this order; pink, orange, green, red.

That finishes one half of this puzzle. Now fly to the right wall with Lantern and smash the glowing wall sections of Lego laying on the temple floor. The hopping pieces create a Green Lantern Pad. With the bridge in place, Grundy can smash the cracked wall!

The parts inside make a Sphere Pad. Only Green Lantern this to raise the lift on the right. Make sure everyone that can't fly it rides up.

Get rid of the debris with Grundy, then build the leftover parts into a second Shield Pad for Wonder Woman. Redirect the light to the colored symbols in this order; blue, orange, purple, red.

Now Wonder Woman or Green Lantern can fly into the statue's mouth to pull the orange grapple handle. Push the turn-style beneath the statue to open the door into the core.

Larfleeze won't help without some convincing first. Take down his thugs until the big man himself enters the fray. He isn't so tough - he'll retreat after hitting him a handful of times.

Then things get more interesting. The giant Larfleeze construct appears! Watch out for the falling beams he summons from the sky. Time slows down as he swings a sword. Fly over it or jump. When his hammer comes out, it's time to fight back.

Survive until Larfleeze smashes the arena floor with his hammer, revealing a hidden Grundy Swamp. Pull the grapple handle on the box to give Larfleeze and explosive surprise. Now you can start hitting him again while he's weak.

To defeat Larfleeze, look for hopping bricks on the left of the area once he transforms again. Use the Green Lantern Pad to summon a second present. Now that the boss is vulnerable you can beat him up and bring an end to the stage.

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