Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 15: Breaking the Ice

This is it. The final big story level to conclude the campaign. As the heroes arrive at Superman's Fortress of Solitude, all three evil Lanterns appear! Green Lantern needs help fighting back this time, so it's left to the Dynamic Duo (plus Wonder Woman) to deal with Larfleeze.

Fight his army of minions until Larfleeze pounces. Switch characters and smack the greedy guy. He'll run away and fire his Lantern beam. Batman needs you to direct the beam toward the focal point - hide behind the bright white blast in the center of the arena so Larfleeze shoots it too.

Time to do the same to Atrocitus. He sends 20 thugs first - wipe the floor with them and Grundy will ambush. Push the button prompts and Grundy will direct Atrocitus' laser forward. In a flash, planet Earth is restored!

Everything seems greats until Brainiac escapes. As a side-effect of the power cores, Superman is transformed into a giant. Making matters even worse, Brainiac uses his mind-control powers to turn Superman bad!

There's no way to defeat Superman without kryptonite. Thankfully Batman has some in the Batcave, they just need to distract Superman long enough to get inside the shrunken Gotham.

Dodge Superman's attacks until three large chunks of the Fortress fall down. Break the Lego ice blocks and construct the hopping bricks. Three more ice Lego chunks will appear out of the ground. Break those too and build the bricks. Pull the switch and hop into the turret once it's complete.

Hold down the attack button to distract Superman with a swarm of bats! While Superman is preoccupied, Brainiac sends his minions. Unfortunately, Superman wakes up as you fight.

When all 30 thugs are defeated, more ice bricks will rise out of the ground. Smash everything in sight to collect enough hopping bricks. Use the Flash on the Fast Build Pad then jump on the completed treadmill to power the device up.

One inspirational speech later and Superman snaps out of the control, tearing Brainiac's ship apart and saving the day.

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