Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers

Welcome to Lego Batman 3! The game starts you off fast, so let's continue the hunt for Killer Croc in Gotham's sewers.

See the white circle on the ground in the background? That signifies a grapple point. Stand in the white circle with Batman and a button will appear (In my case, the Playstation's [Circle] button) and you'll be able to reach the platforms above.

Jump across the gap to reach the red glowing switch. Stand on the white circle on the raised platform and press the button that appears here too.

With the water drained, jump down and smash all three brown Lego brick crates. Smash the shopping carts too if that doesn't work - clear the whole room. Sometimes the answer is just to break everything.

Standing near the hopping bricks and press [Circle / B / Y] to construct the bricks into an object. It's a weird... machine? But what you really want is that suit token! Switch control to Robin and grab it.

See the disposal machine with a "25" sign on the sides? Switch to Robin's Hazard Suit and hold down the attack button to collect random green, yellow, or red bricks. Destroy the shopping carts to find plenty of loose Lego bricks Robin's Hazard suit can collect.

Once you've sucked everything up, hold down the use button to deposit all the junk into the disposal machine. Filling it up to 25 will reward you with a big weird cannon!

Interact with the glowing orange handle with Batman - the grapple button again - and mash to activate the cannon. It'll destroy the gate blocking progress to the right.

The gate falls to reveal a new suit token for Batman! Make sure you're in control of Batman to collect it.

The sensor suit has a few unique functions. First, it can turn Batman invisible. Tapping the use button will activate detective mode, allowing Batman to see invisible objects. Right on the platform where you collected the suit token you'll spot green sparkles. These green sparkles mean there's a hidden object nearby!

Turn on Batman's detective vision with the sensor suit to reveal a grapple point. Mash the grapple button and a TV screen will appear with a white circle. A white circle means you can use it, so stand in the ring to solve a puzzle.

Move the cursor and activate the two stoppers on the first and last pipe. Now that the water is flowing freely, turn the curved pipes so they connect in kind of an "L" shape.

The next big challenge is further right where you'll find gross green toxic sludge and fire blocking your path. Robin's Hazard suit protects him from slime, so go ahead and cross the path with just Robin. Sorry, Batman! You have to stay behind for now.

On the other side, switch back to Robin's standard costume and destroy the four stopper locks holding up the ladder. Beneath the subway platform you should also spot green glowies - that calls for Batman's sensor suit.

Hold down the attack button with standard robin to target all four glowing stoppers, then smash the Lego bricks until things start hopping. Destroy both columns and the junk that falls, it'll take several attacks!

Once you've build the bricks the ladder will drop. Climb up and press both glowing buttons above the spewing flames and Batman can join up with Robin.

Return to the destroyed subway on the right and use Batman's sensor suit detective vision to spot a grapple point. Uncover it, pull it, and the subway train will topple down.

Use the fallen train to climb up and around, into the second train, and jump across the water. Gliding will help cross the distance, but if you fall into the water you can just climb back out.

Switch to Robin's hazard suit in this area to walk into the green sludge and hit the red switch. Making progress now! The slime will clear and two hatches will open. Use the open hatches to jump right and pull the glowing grapple point with Batman or Robin to lower a ladder.

Climb up and you'll face another challenge - a barred gate.

See the two glowing Lego brick boxes? Smash them both! Glowing is a clue that you need to break or interact with whatever object it giving off eye-catching light.

Build the bricks and pull down the gate with the grapple point to spot Killer Croc in the distance. After him, through the tunnel!

Killer Croc is way too tough to fight! He sends his crocodile-themed thugs after you, so get some practice with the attack button. Batman shouldn't have any problems wiping these goons out.

To take the villain down, destroy the color brick objects in the center of the arena to uncover a disposal machine. Use Batman's sensor suit to reveal buttons on the turbines to the left and right - press the button to get brick pieces Robin can suck up with the hazard suit.

During all this, Croc will try to attack you! Don't try and fight back, just stay away from him for now.

Once Robin has 25 pieces, deposit them in the junk disposal machine. Doing so create a huge cannon you can pilot! Jump into the seat and mash the attack button to shoot a net at Croc - temporarily capturing him.

Unfortunately for the dynamic duo Croc gets away and rejoins a group of villains. A crime-fighter's work is never done.

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