Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 2: Breaking BATS!

Before the level begins you'll need to find it. The Batcave is a busy place, but there's one obvious object to interact with - the computer screen! Use Batman's sensor suit on the white circle.

The puzzle here is easy. Just turn the three circuits once then press the red button in the center. The server box will open to reveal a grapple point. Use Robin or Batman to pull the grapple handle to reveal Batman's Power Suit.

Batman's suit of mechanical armor comes with awesome rocket attachments. The attack button can target and destroy silver Lego bricks. Destroy all three silver Lego objects in the room to get yourself a heaping helping of hopping bricks.

Push on the green side of the turn-style to reveal a bridge on your right. Unfortunately for Bat's, his security system doesn't discriminate. A green camera watches the area on the right. If you try to enter, a door will slam shut.

Switch to the sensor suit and hold down the use button (same as grapple) to turn invisible. Now Batman can easily slip by the camera. Past the camera, use the power suit to destroy the silver block behind glass and pull the switch.

Now Robin can grab yet another suit token! This is the Techno Suit, and it can hack into little red terminals like the one under the green-tinted Batman logo monitor nearby.

The goal for this puzzle is to lock in each of the colors. Each roulette wheel cycles through colors. Match the center color with the two smaller flanking colors by locking them into place when they pass to activate the Batcave elevator., starting the level for real!

Something about Brainiac's ship has made Batman go nuts. Go up the steps - see the red and green circle with the Robin symbol? This is an acrobat point. Target it with Robin by holding down the attack button and highlighting the slot.

With the pole in place, Robin can acrobatically swing up the three poles and reach Batman.

Batman retreats to the right side of the cave. Follow him and switch to Alfred, he can safely cross the burning Lego brick flames. Once you do, the crazed Batman will destroy the two nearby silver Lego objects, creating two sets of hopping bricks.

Construct the left set of hopping bricks to put out the fires, then construct the right hopping bricks. Use Robin's techno suit on the red slot and press the attack button as it appears to hack the system.

Target the grapple point above with an attack to jump up onto the cave ledge where you can reach Batman a second time.

Fighting off the bats a second time, Batman will jump into the center of the stage and leave behind red / black hopping bricks in the back left corner of the center stage.

Construct the bricks into a computer terminal and interact with the controls using Robin's techno suit. To create a bridge, interact with both red glowing locks then chase Batman up the ladder to find out what his deal is.

Grab the Illumination Suit token Batman drops after bombing the telescope and escaping into the darkness.

Robin's illumination suit needs to be charged at special machines. Look out for terminals like the one to the right of the token after you grab it. Interact and hold down the button to charge up before following Batman into the dark cave!

Next Robin and Alfred face Batman in the Batcave's garage where the Dark Knight has barricaded himself inside his spiffy car, firing rockets all over the place.

Go downstairs and charge up the illumination suit at the illumination station, then enter the dark alcove further in the foreground. Smash all the Lego objects in here then build the pieces into a techno suit terminal.

Complete the hack to construct the Batboat, complete with dock. Go to the green lights at the end of the dock to board the boat and fight back!

Press the attack button to fire armaments! Shoot down the missiles in flight and aim for the Batmobile between his attacks. When he's at half-health, Robin bails out of the boat once it gets destroyed.

As Batman escapes, he clears a path upstairs. Return to the checkpoint save and move up the cleared path to continue the fight.

Get past the fire with Alfred and construct the hopping bricks to put the fires out, allowing Robin upstairs where the pair can step into the pod and push down both pressure switches.

Destroy every brick object in the circular platform to build the Batcycle! You know what to do. Ride the cycle and shoot down the missile in flight while blasting Batman's crazy car.

Batman smashes the cycle too! There's only one vehicle left. Climb the new ladder and put the hopping bricks together to form a Robin chute. Only Techno Suit Robin can use his remote controlled buddy to crawl into the vent to reach a new area.

To use the vent, switch to the techno suit and hold down the grapple button to summon the flying robot. Send Toy Wonder through the chute and interact with the techno panel on the other side. Hacking it lowers the bridge!

Upstairs, Batman blows up the Batcomputer, leaving behind lots of multi-colored hopping bricks. Building them creates a hazard disposal machine. Collect up all the Lego pieces on the floor up here, and destroy the extra objects around to collect more and fill up the machine.

Fill the disposal machine to create a back-up Batcomputer! Hacking this computer isn't so easy. Entering a virtual world, you'll need to jump onto the rising platforms and step on each computer pressure pad.

Press all three red buttons and avoid the glowing red squares to bring the Batwing out of hiding. Run to the right and use Robin's grapple to unveil the bridge.

Inside the Batwing you can bring down the Batmobile for good. Put the finishing touches on this section by blasting Batman's car to smithereens.

But the level isn't over yet. Batman unveils a new power - one that nobody's ever seen before! He summons a swarm of bats that take his shape.

Watch out for giant Batman's punch attacks! Keep moving left or right - just one hit will destroy your minifig! Eventually hopping bricks will fall from the sky on the left side of the arena. Build them up into a spotlight then mash the grapple point to dissipate the giant black light construct.

Now Batman is vulnerable! Run over and hit him to dish out one heart of damage. That restarts the sequence - jump when he slams the ground!

The second time the bricks fall in the center of the arena. Build them and push the green turn-style to make Bruce vulnerable. To complete the level, build the third set of hopping bricks on the far right and smack Batman one last time.

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