Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 5: The Big Grapple

Brainiac has shown himself and the hub is finally open to explore. Now you can use the teleporters to return to the Batcave, the Justice League HQ, or return to the Watchtower satellite.

To start the next level, follow the ghostly waypoint blue studs into the Containment Cells room. See the object sparking electricity? Switch to Batman's Electricity Suit and smash it, he's safe from electricity while wearing it. Build the parts and jump into the special chute with Martian Manhunter.

Now use Manhunter's powers to mind control the thug with an icon over his head. Stand close to him so a prompt appears. Pull the lever inside the tiny room.

With the shields down, Batman can reach the golden wall in the far background. Blow up the metal bricks with bombs, then melt the gold wall using Cyborg's laser beam.

The Green Lanterns are under Brainiac's mind control, and now the Justice League are stuck under an emerald bubble.

Get Martian Manhunter to scan the area to the left, then use Cyborg's magnet suit to pull the blue magnetic brick. This attracts the Janitor, allowing Manhunter to mind control him and get to the hangar door control.

Move to the controls in the back right corner, then match the inner and outer rings with the corresponding colors to complete all three stages of the puzzle.

There are actually some cute Easter Eggs to unlock before closing the doors! Try clicking the other options on the computer screen - you can get a kitty video, turn on the lights, listen to music, and get a minikit part.

With everyone free, Brainiac begins his master plan to shrink Earth. The villains and heroes join forces to save the planet. Wonder Woman teams up alongside Cheetah and Flash.

The hallway up ahead is blocked by killer tentacles. Use Cheetah to dig up the dirt bricks, construct the bricks, and use Flash to complete the fast build. Step on all three lift buttons to spot the rest of the team.

Climb the ladder and use Wonder Woman's lasso on the orange grapple point. Two golden brick tentacles will stop your progress here. Go back down the ladder and into the glassed-in path further right, then use Flash to run on the treadmill after smashing everything in the room to build it.

With the lasers on, Wonder Woman can stand on the panel and redirect the beams to melt both tentacled gold bricks.

Run ahead, build the hopping bricks, then pull both switches at the same time.

Joining Batman, Cyborg, and the Joker upstairs - use the sensor suit on the green panel to your lower right. Match the colors twice and stay on the controls while Cyborg enters the area with pistons upstairs.

Defeat the goons, then use Cyborg's stealth suit to get past the camera to enter the pistol zone. Raise the pistons so Cyborg can get through to the area on the right.

Hit the switch on the other side to create a series of platforms everyone can use to jump across below. Melt through the gold wall with Batman's space suit laser to reveal a magnetic block.

Joker has a gadget costume for that! Pull the magnetic switch to shut off the forcefield, allowing Cyborg to reach two green handles and pull open the door with his giant suit.

Down the hallway, use the green panel with Batman's sensor suit. Align all the pieces and a block with a grapple point will drop out. Use Batman's grapple gun to pull the box open and get his Arctic Suit.

What do you do with it? Nothing yet, switch to the Power Suit and blast the silver bricks left of the tentacles. Now that they're covered in water, use the Arctic Suit ice cannon to freeze them. Punch through the ice with Cyborg's Giant suit and you're almost at the next area.

Upstairs, defeat the thugs and pull the magnetic bricks with Joker's magnet suit. Hit the switch and grab the suit token to the right - this is Joker's Flower Suit. It can control minds, like the weak-mind on the left through the glass.

Make the Joker goon pull the lever and you'll reach your objective - the control room! Now you're stuck with Killer Croc, Lex Luthor, and Robin.

Smash the OCTAN containers in the center of the chamber then construct the hopping bricks into a jetpack refueler. This is a job for Lex Luthor. Fill up and fly up to the platform on the high right, then melt the gold brick using Lex's space laser.

Now Robin can join Lex! Grapple up and use the techno suit on the techno panel around the corner. Press the buttons in the order they appear in the center, left to right, to complete the hack.

A new techno port appears below. Robin can reach it by crossing two forcefield bridges. That's the right arm active, now to activate the left arm.

Switch to Killer Croc and drop into the water on the left. Pull the green handles and smash the blue glowing thing inside to open up a dark alcove.

Robin can only enter with the illumination suit, so charge it up back on the high platform to the right. Pull off the magnetic blocks to reveal the illumination charging station.

Charge up the illumination suit, enter the dark alcove, build the pieces and use the techno port. Now the grappling gun is ready!

Return to the center hallway and step onto the red button lift to ride up to the control platform. Aim for Brainiac's ship and fire to complete the level.

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