Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 6: The Lantern Menace

Starting up in the Watchtower, you'll find a special teleporter that's out of action down the hall. Ignore it and head up the steps to the right.

To defeat Mr. Freeze, switch to the sensor suit and turn invisible to sneak up on the frigid fiend. While invisible, you can easily smack the bag guy three times to defeat him.

Now use the Sensor Suit scan on the previously-frozen door. Reveal the icicles and shoot down all four to get some hopping bricks.

The pieces build into a Plastic Man panel! Stand on it with Plastic Man to transform and destroy the door lock, allowing the team into the Hangar room. Ride the elevator up and put out the burning Lego brick fires with Batman's arctic suit.

Build the hopping bricks to enter a VR simulation! For this one, the paths don't show up until you walk near them. Not too hard as long as you don't move too fast and accidentally fall! For the second challenge, only jump on the blue platforms. Dangerous platforms flash red, avoid them.

When all three challenges are complete, the door will open leading into the next level.

Brainiac's ship is massive so the united heroes and villains split up. Batman joins up with Luthor, Grundy and Flash.

First thing's first, pull the grapple point with Batman between the two red consoles near the starting location. Get by the camera up the ladder with Batman's sensor suit invisibility, then switch to Luthor's hazard suit to follow the path through the green sludge-slime on your right.

Switch to Luthor's stealth suit past the green slime and hit the switch.

Smash the glass bricks with the Sonar Suit once the energy beam goes down. The pieces create a Grundy plate. Sink in with Grundy to find a buzzsaw vehicle! Just what the League needed. Jump in with any regular-sized character to clear those tentacles away.

In the room ahead, hook Batman up to the electricity socket up the ramp on the right wearing his electricity suit.

Now that you're charged, go power-up the generator on the left ramp. Too bad there are fires on the way up. Switch to the other side, blow up the silver Lego bricks then melt the gold bricks with a space suit costume.

That reveals glass blocks in the costume token container in the middle. Break it open with Batman's sonar suit and grab the new Shield Suit for Lex Luthor. Now he can get by fires just like Alfred.

Press the button, hack the computer, and melt the gold bricks with Luthor's space suit laser. That's both devices down, dumping hopping bricks into the center of the room. Build them and use Flash's fast build ability to contact Robin.

Defeat all the incoming enemies and leave through the right door to rejoin Robin and Joker in-progress. Use Robin's techno suit on the techno slot panel nearby, then climb up the magnetic blue path. Crack open the crate and build the pieces into a jetpack refueler for Cyborg's space suit.

Fly up to the third floor on the left and get charged with Cyborg's Electricity Suit. Once charged from the sparking slot, fly left and use the generator. Now Robin can climb up with his magnetic suit and pull the switch in the toxic sludge while wearing the hazard suit.

In the electrified hallway, use a magnet suit to removes the blue tentacles. Push each platform button and try to walk through the field wall to summon two Lego metal objects. Blow them up with Cyborg's Demolition suit.

Ahead, there are three lasers above the skull door. You'll need to redirect all three to continue. Start by pushing the green turn-styles on the left and right of the raised platform.

Build the hopping bricks into a shield panel for Wonder Woman to redirect the final laser into the red button. Now that the door is open, you're clear to continue.

Brainiac has the League mind-controlled again! It's just Robin in his stupid Professor Fate helmet to deal with this threat alone.

After each wave of enemies, Brainiac will attempt to delete a hero (or villain) so mash the build button to free them. Defeat every enemy per wave to trigger the scene.

When Grundy is free it only takes one punch to defeat Brainiac.

Chaos! The Lanterns are free, Brainiac escapes and Superman is falling to his doom toward a miniature planet. Batman and Wonder Woman drop down to try and save him.

Avoid the debris and the mission will be over in no time.

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