Find Drawings, Emblems and Larvae in Episode 2 of RE: Revelations

Kevin Thielenhaus | 9 Mar 2015 16:00
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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 continues into it's second episode, and we've got locations for every collectible type available.

That includes Insect Larvae, Kafka Drawings, and Tower Emblems for Claire and Barry to discover in the dilapidated surroundings of the prison island. Barry and Claire cover the Tower Emblems, returning collectibles from Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, while new characters Moira and Natalia get the unique drawings or insects. See what it takes to find every one, including how to find the special drill item in our guide.

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Episode 2 - All Collectibles Locations

In total, there are 6 Kafka Drawings, 9 Tower Emblems, and 6 Insect Larvae. See how to find them all with the tips below.

Episode 2 - Claire Collectibles

Note: Kafka Drawings can be spotted with Moira's flashlight. Tower Emblems are hidden targets Claire can shoot.

Kafka Drawing #1: Gabe requests Claire's help with a helicopter, but before moving on from the village, step outside the doors of the bar and turn left. Look on the hanging sign above the entrance.

Tower Emblem #1: After leaving the bar, turn right and look down the alley with the metal stairs. Underneath the stairs, there's a narrow path behind the bar leading to the first emblem.

Kafka Drawing #2: At the field with the landed helicopter, look on the tail rotor on the side with the military box.

Tower Emblem #2: Looking for supplies to get the chopper flying, Claire will encounter a tough enemy drilling into a building. There's another building nearby with a chimney -- look on the side of the tall chimney to spot this emblem.

Kafka Drawing #3: In the tunnels with Neil, you'll need to help him move a large obstruction before moving forward. Continue through the main path until you reach two item barrels. The drawing is on the wall next to these barrels.

Tower Emblem #3: After escaping from Pedro and leaving the tunnels, stay near the chainlink fence on the left and look toward the tall building across the field. It's hard to spot, but the emblem is in a third floor window around the center of the complex.

Kafka Drawing #4: Defeating a new type of enemy, you'll move on to a large garage door with a smaller door built into it that Moira needs to crack open. Flash Moira's light onto the larger gate to the right of the barred door.

Kafka Drawing #5: In the dark interior halls, you'll reach a challenge forcing Moira and Claire to work around a timed lock. Fighting the exploding enemy, you'll go upstairs where there's a second exploding monster. Look on the wall with a nearby desk.

Tower Emblem #4: Leaving Neil and getting by the time-locked gate, you'll enter a courtyard full of benches. As you move down the metal stairs, turn around and look under the catwalk.

Tower Emblem #5: While chasing Natalia, you'll need to ride a dangerous elevator up. Once you're off, you'll reach a missing wall where Claire can jump the gap to a balcony. Before jumping across, look down at the ground below to spot Claire's last emblem in Episode 2.

Kafka Drawing #6: Meeting up with Natalia, you'll reach a room with a work bench. Down the hall, there are stairs leading down. Look on the diagonal ceiling above the stairs.

Episode 2 - Barry Collectibles

Note: Use Natalia to discover insect larvae. Tower Emblems are hidden targets Barry can shoot.

Insect Larvae #1: Enter the control room at the front of the radio tower and exit through the front door. Step down the stairs and turn right and grab a brick. Take the bottle to the left of the entrance, around the corner where there's a fence to grab the larvae.

Tower Emblem #6: Following a Revenant encounter, you'll reach a path full of burnt buildings. There's a u-shaped burnt wall on the left -- check the interior walls to find the emblem.

Tower Emblem #7: After taking care of the enemies in the town, climb onto the rooftops and find a wooden plank bridge. Standing on the bridge, turn left and look at the base of a tall rock.

Insect Larvae #2: As Barry visits the dilapidated fishing town, check out the structure where Claire originally found fuel for the helicopter in her chapter. The larvae is on the shelf.

Insect Larvae #3: Leaving the village, you'll enter a path with a grey concrete wall to the left. Continue past it and you'll reach a stone brick dead-end with the third larvae.

Insect Larvae #4: In the Fishing Village, defeat Pedro with Claire -- he'll leave behind a special Drill item required for this collectible. When Barry reaches the village, make sure to pick the drill up in the bar. The larvae is located in the apartment building. There's a brick wall blocking your way that Barry can interact with. If you have the drill, you'll demolish the wall. Go upstairs and look right of the entrance door to find this larvae.

Tower Emblem #8: On the third floor of the apartments, look for a tiny passage Natalia can crawl through. Inside the room, quickly unlock the door from the inside and clear the area of enemies with Barry. The emblem is easily visible on top of the book shelf, left of the entrance door.

Insect Larvae #5: Leaving the apartments, you'll be outside. Cross the street and enter the playground -- the larvae is on the underside of the slide.

Tower Emblem #9: Inside the tower, move toward the giant hanging tarp. From here, look up and right to spot a tricky emblem visible in the rubble.

Insect Larvae #6: Continuing into the tower, you'll encounter a double staircase. Take the right-hand stairs up and look in an unreachable alcove where the two staircases meet. Throw a brick over the railing, to the right of a pillar, to get the last insect.

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