Get Link Endless Rupees in Tri Force Heroes With This Farming Method

Kevin Thielenhaus | 30 Oct 2015 18:15
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Never run low on rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes with this simple farming technique.

If you're looking for expensive fabrics or powerful outfits, Link is going to need lots of rupees. The standard monetary unit of Hytopia isn't always so easy to acquire -- unless you've got the right suit. Earn three special materials and 1200 rupees for Madame Couture to get the Rupee Regalia. With that outfit, thousands of rupees are within your grasp. And it only takes a few minutes, too.

See what it takes to craft the Rupee Regalia, how to get all the material, and the four simple steps you'll need to start rupee farming.

Easy Rupees Farming Guide

If you're looking to unlock every fancy outfit in Madame Couture's shop, you'll need ingredients and tons of extra rupees.

Save yourself some time using the fantastic Rupee Regalia outfit. This expensive suit pays off in dividends down the road.

This outfit causes rupees to drop more frequently. To learn more about crafting, check out the materials information in the sections below.

For now, let's cover the easiest steps to earning plenty of rupees once you've earned the Rupee Regalia.

How to Farm Rupees

Put on the Rupee Regalia outfit. Ready?

  • 1. With the Rupee Regalia outfit equipped, travel to Hytopia town
  • 2. Slash every bush and shrub in the area.
  • 3. Enter any house to respawn the shrubs.
  • 4. Repeat until you've got all the rupees you want. It takes about five minutes to earn 2,000 rupees.

How to Craft the Rupee Regalia

To construct the Rupee Regalia you'll need the following in your inventory:

Crafting Requirements

  • Materials: Fancy Fabric, Royal Ring, Antique Coin
  • Rupees: 1200

All three required materials can be acquired in the Fortress dungeon world. This is the fifth world of Tri Force Heroes so expect a challenge.

There are multiple challenges you can complete to acquire each required material. Go to the Fortress and complete the bonus challenges listed below to get an Antique Coin, Fancy Fabric, and Royal Ring.

How to Get Antique Coins

  • Dodge the Wallmaster in World 5-1
  • Don't Fall or Use a Sword in World 5-2
  • Complete World 5-3
  • Dodge the Wallmaster in World 5-4

How to Get Fancy Fabric

  • Win with half attack power and armor in World 5-1
  • Get the Orb to it's destination under a time limit in World 5-2
  • Complete while under a time limit & don't break the pot in World 5-3
  • Complete World 5-4 with diminished health

How to Get Royal Rings

  • Don't break the pot with low power and armor in World 5-1
  • Get the Orb to it's destination under a time limit in World 5-2
  • Clear all enemies under the time limit in World 5-3
  • Complete World 5-4

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