Welcome to the Escapist Expo panel submission page! Last year, thousands of gamers piled into the Durham Convention Center to see panels on tabletop gaming, geek culture and videogame design from local development studios. This year we would love for you to share what you have to say at the Escapist Expo. Please use this form to submit a pitch for your panel. A well-composed description of the panel will speak volumes as to your professionalism and expertise so please make sure you do your best.

The panels at the Escapist Expo will be an hour long and have a group of informed panelists that can speak on the topic and answer any questions the audience might have. We'll review all submissions and accept the ones we feel the most attendees would be excited to hear. If we accept the panel, you and your panelists will receive Speaker passes to the Escapist Expo 2013.

The deadline to submit panels is July 31st 2013. If you have any questions about how to submit panels, please send us an email at [email protected]

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Example Panels

Your description should sum up what the panel will be about and highlight the experts who will be able to discuss the topic. Here are a few examples of descriptions from the Escapist Expo 2012:

Example 1:

Title: How to Run a Small Gaming Business

Description: Running a game company isn't always fun and games. Have you ever wondered what results when gaming and business meet? Panelists Chris and Cherilyn Kirkman (Dice Hate Me), Steve Segedy and Jason Morningstar (Bully Pulpit) share the trials and joys of running a small game company. Moderator Daniel Solis guides a broad discussion covering game production, online retail, the future of the local game store, and using crowdfunding as a part of a business plan.

Example 2:

Title: Raising Geek Kids with Wired's GeekDad and GeekMom

Description: Gaming and geek culture may have started in humble roots, but it's rapidly ballooned into a multi-billion dollar industry that rivals even Hollywood film. It's only natural that over the years many of these enthusiasts have found love and started families of their own. Geek parents have a unique opportunity to share their passions with their children and relate to the next generation of gamers. Micheal Harrison and Natania Barron have both made contributions to's GeekDad and GeekMom blogs, and will impart the trails of and tribulations of raising a tiny geek girl or boy.

Example 3:

Title: Strategy of Playing Games

Description: You're a thinking gamer. You assign every weapon and accessory to perfection in your favorite RPG, think through the best ways to counter attacks in a brawler, and would be great at RTS games if they weren't such click fests. But, how strategically do you really think? Join Dr. Chris Hazard (CEO of Hazardous Software, creators of the time travel RTS Achron) in a discussion about the principles of strategy in gaming from game theory, to foundations of trust and reputation, to strategic revelation of information, to how others' beliefs affect your best strategy.