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If you were lucky enough to attend the 2012 inaugural Escapist Expo then you know why you've got to come back this year. If you missed it, never fear! Expo 2013 will be bigger, better and filled to the brim with just the kind of geeky goodness that you crave.

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Escapist Podcast 'Expo Re-cap' video
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Get to know Yahtzee, Movie Bob, Jim and Gavin with 5 days of the very best highlights from the first ever Escapist Expo.

Whether you missed out when Expo exploded onto the gaming scene, or want to relive the experience again and again, now is your chance to uncover the magic in this neatly packaged, condensed can of awesome, put together by The Escapist team, with special love and shiny badges for your enjoyment!

Is that all? Of course not! Come explore this triumph of all things geek and gamer for a chance to win the ultimate gamer swag bag of all the shiny loot we hoarded from Expo 2012 to give away to three very lucky participants right here, right now.

Wanna skip the line? No problem. Everyone registered for Expo 2013 will be automatically entered for an extra chance to win!


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