Trilby: The Art of Theft - Tips and Credits

Trilby's workshop

You begin the game in the abandoned parking lot Trilby rents as a hideout-cum-workshop. You can run through a tutorial the first time you arrive to get to grips with the controls. Trilby returns here after each heist to make use of the facilities set up:

Trilby's desk
It isn't all glamour - there's a lot of paperwork in the life of a master thief. USE the desk to save the game, or load an old game. You CANNOT save the game during heists - only by finishing or aborting a heist and returning to the workshop.

By reading about his exploits in the paper, Trilby's confidence grows, and he becomes more skilled. Throughout his heists Trilby gathers Reputation Points (RP) for stealing loot and picking locks, which can be spent on upgrades here. These give new advantages or add new moves to Trilby's repertoire. USE the newsstand to access the upgrades screen.

The wardrobe only appears after you have unlocked some additional costumes, and allows Trilby to switch between outfits.

Trilby's car
When you're finished messing around in the workshop, walk straight into the car to embark upon a heist.

Before starting a heist, you will go to the briefing screen, where Trilby gives the heist objectives and a little background on the location. Press ENTER at any time to begin the heist. You can also re-play previous heists as many times as you like; scroll through old heists by pressing the UP and DOWN cursor keys.

Once a heist is completed, the briefing screen for the heist will also display the best grade you have achieved as well as the par time and the maximum amount of loot, in case you want to try again and improve upon your previous performance.

The Environment

Heist locations contain various elements that can either help you or get in your way, depending on how you play them. At various times or another you'll come across all of the following.

The environment has three levels of light - Full, Medium, and Dark. The light bulb indicator in the top right shows which one you are in. In darkness, you are invisible to guards and cameras. In full light, you will always be seen. In medium light, you are always visible EXCEPT when wall-flattened. Press X to flatten and unflatten yourself against walls. Please note that concealment in shadows will not fool a laser trip beam.

Trilby can hoist himself up or drop down through thin platforms. Stand under one and press SPACE to grolly up. Alternatively, stand on top of one and press DOWN + SPACE to grolly down.

Locked Doors
The most obvious hindrance to a thief, but a minor one to a true master. Press UP in front of a locked door to attempt to pick the lock. Use the LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys to manipulate the tumbler, then press X or SPACE to push it upwards. If it slips cleanly into the slot, the door is unlocked. Otherwise, you fail. Some doors possess higher levels of difficulty, and Trilby must build up his lockpicking skill on the upgrades screen before he can use them.

Some of the best loot is kept locked away in green safes, but these are only a temporary hitch for someone like Trilby. USE the safe to start spinning the dial. The objective is to insert the tool into the mechanism just as the gap passes through the centre. This must be done twice to unlock the safe. Mis-timing the push three times will break the tool and end the attempt.

Junction boxes
Messing with the electrics can give an advantage, or it can mess things up royally. Always weigh up the odds before you gamble. Press USE to open the box, then press LEFT and RIGHT to switch between wires, and finally SPACE or X to cut one. The right wire could knock out cameras, lights, trip beams, or even open doors. The wrong one usually costs you an alarm.

Some doors and security systems have 3-digit combination locks. Trilby has no means to hack such things but the codes are usually hidden somewhere nearby. Use the cursor keys to choose a button and X or SPACE to press them.

Occupational Hazards

There will be plenty of these on patrol in the world of wealth. Try to stay behind them or in shadow when they're facing you. Some guards are bound to security desks, but fall easily into daydreams, providing the opportunity to slip past.

Security cameras are the more difficult alternative to stationary guards, lacking the weakness to tazers and boredom. If they spot you they will flash orange for a second, giving you that long to hide in shadow or directly underneath it before an alarm goes off.

TIP: If you let a camera see you and quickly run under it before it turns red, you can buy a little extra time before it turns around again.

Laser beams
Red tripbeams can sometimes criss-cross the more technologically advanced buildings, but a master thief can avoid them with practise. Most beams will not be tripped if you are wall flattened, but sooner or later you're going to have to move.

Should you stumble upon sleeping residents, the best approach is to not move around too much. Make your way slowly and steadily past the bed to not make too much noise. Sleepers can be tazed if you feel it's necessary, but it's somewhat inethical.


Trilby is nothing if not well-dressed, and there are a total of SIX bonus costumes to be unlocked. The criteria required to unlock them is something you'll have to figure out for yourself. Some outfits give special advantages. Some give disadvantages, if you feel like challenging yourself with a higher difficulty.

There just might be a little secret to be found by playing a certain heist with a certain costume.


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